A Camping We Will Go



We had a fabulous time camping with our friends at Hillsborough River State Park this past weekend.  I didn’t lose any children.  I dodged an allergy attack.  I even avoided being attacked by a wild boar or rabid raccoon or pecked to death by a hungry hawk.






Unfortunately, an asthma attack was unavoidable for my poor little Emmalynn and like fine neglectful parents, we forgot her nebulizer.  Luckily, the campground was only about 30 minutes away from home and since Allan had to restock his beer, he found it in his heart to swing home to grab her “cloud machine”.


With each camping trip, my family and I are becoming old camping pros.  We were far more organized for this trip than past trips.  I honestly don’t know how we pulled it off!  We arrived at the site around 1:30 with plenty of time to pitch the tent and get settled.  Even our good friends, Erika and John were amazed with our efficiency. 


Maybe it was the combination of Zyrtec and beer or the fact my youngest is growing up, but I felt so relaxed.  Since we added Emmalynn’s potty chair as one of the essential items for the trip, she peed on the potty and stayed dry throughout the day and night.  But most importantly, my little Houdini didn’t perform any disappearing acts by wandering off into the woods and she minded the camping rules. 




Even Allana seemed to understand the rules a bit better for our third family camping trip.  Perhaps it was the threat of staying in the car the entire time that helped modify her behavior.




Somehow, even the weather seemed to cooperate, with warm sunny days and cool evenings.  It was the perfect weather for camping.




On Saturday, after Allan returned with the much needed nebulizer and beer, we hiked on a short mile or so trail along the Hillsborough River.  We spotted a turtle, an armadillo and a huge golden orb spider.  I gave each of the children paper bags to collect items while on our hike and after the hike, they made gorgeous collages with the items they collected.





When we returned home on Sunday, we picked up a hitchhiker on the way.  We discovered this little lady hanging out on ceiling of my car.




I really enjoy camping but I truly cherish the memories we create for our children.  These are the simple times that they will look back upon with delight and want to replicate for their children.




  1. Alisha says:

    Those are some amazing pictures. We recently found out that our four year old has asthma. It is so hard to see him struggling for breath. Luckily for us it really only bothers him when he gets sick or when he is over exerting himself.

  2. denisermt says:

    @ Alisha- Thanks! I amaze myself what pics I can snap with my little ol’ Cannon! Maybe Santa will bring me a really nice camera for Christmas.

    As for my little one’s asthma, we haven’t had her tested yet to see what allergens trigger it. I am not really ready to stick her with pins to figure it out. That will be a fun day! 😛 But like your son, her asthma also flares up when she gets sick. I took her to the doctor on Monday and she thought she picked up something viral and then the exposure to the allergens while camping only exasperated it all.

    I visit weather.com daily to view the allergen and pollen report.

  3. Tena says:

    OMG! That spider was/is huge!! I would have ran for the hills ( mounains)
    Looks like you all had a blast and you got some great pictures to capture the memories!

  4. morethananelectrician says:

    It is nice to have these nice simple vacations that have everyone together. We have shunned “tourist vacations” and opted for a lovely cabin on a river and it has been a rejuvinating expereience each time.

    My wife and daughter would not survive “tent life” so I don’t even try.

  5. Sarah says:

    We were campers when I was growing up and I loved every minute of it. My beloved is not such an outdoorsman unless it’s a golf course so there go those memories for my children unless I go solo!

  6. jenna says:

    i always forget my son’s inhaler when he needs it and remember it when he doesn’t. why is that?? you’ve got me all excited about my feb camping trip.

  7. Staci A says:

    Ya’ll sound so much more organized than our family. We’re lucky if we get the tent up and don’t need to run to a store 15 times before night fall.

    Those are some wonderful photos too!

  8. denisermt says:

    @ Michelle- Yes, those are Cheezits and I want it on the record that those are Erika and John’s white cheddar snacks.

    We really did have a wonderful time with our friends. Thanks for visiting everyone!

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