Hello, Hal. Do you read me, Hal?

After a restful weekend camping, I was ready for my long run.  Tiffany and I arranged to meet early Monday morning to knock off an easy 10 mile, however a long weekend of binging beer and s’mores left me in no shape for any running. 


At least, I thought I could blame it on the beer.  It seems I came down with some viral infection, which bounced around my family.  This past week, I have had to put my training, my housework and my bogging on hold and simply rest.  I felt exhausted with aches all over, but no other symptoms. 


Yesterday, I attempted a light 3 mile run, but I was completely shattered afterward and medicated myself with a 2 hour nap to recover.  Today, I am feeling much better but I don’t think I will attempt another run, particularly the 7 mile run I keep putting off.  Today’s work-out will include scaling stairs with a mountain of laundry and more sleeping.


Hopefully, tomorrow I will wake up ready to run 7 miles.  If I don’t try to do some training soon, I don’t know how I can manage running 15 miles on Sunday.  Hal will be so disappointed.


  1. Lori says:

    I think you will bounce back more quickly than you realize on the long runs. At least they are really slow too. Are you joining us for the afternoon run on Sunday? Or are you going to brave the cold front?

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