Sunday Running Log #14

Tiffany injured her foot on the massive hills during the Turkey Trot and was unable to join Lori and me for our Sunday run.  Still hung over from my foma, I don’t think I would have made it if Lori didn’t guilt motivate me into running on Sunday.  Although, this week’s distance had me running 16 miles, my lack of drive thought 10 miles would be sufficient.   


Then about mile 3, my adrenaline kicked in and I decided to go the distance.  I hurdled over my wall at 13 miles and felt suprisingly well.  I knew I could finish last 3 miles strong.  Keeping my pace at 11 minute miles, I completed 16 miles in 3:10.


Like last week, I felt some soreness but with some stretching, I felt fine.  I didn’t have enough nerve to try an ice bath, but maybe after my 18 mile run next week!


With the holidays fast approaching, I’ve reviewed my training schedule and I’ve decided to modify it a bit.  Like I mentioned before, I plan to run 18 miles because this Sunday allows the time to do so.  The following Sunday, we have our Moms on the Go Christmas party in the morning, so I will have to run in the late afternoon and that will be the week I arrange to do a step-back run.  On the 21st, I will run 20 miles.  The week of the 27th, I will be vacationing in North Carolina for New Years, and I anticipate running in the snow covered mountains.  We will return on Jan 3rd and I plan to run 8-12 miles on the 4th, which will put me back on route with my training schedule.


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