Now Put Your Hands Up

This week’s Five Minutes for Fitness was inspired by a GNO a few weeks back.  We were celebrating Faith’s 30 Birthday (I know…I know…My girlfriends are so young.) when Beyonce’s Single Ladies started pumping in the club and we I demonstrated my fabulous ridicuolous Bootylicious moves on the dance floor.



You know, you don’t see enough jazz hands these days.


Now, put your hands up and get ready to pound out the beats with Beyonce.  This chick has an amazing body and its not because she is sitting on her bootylicious badunkadunk.  Personally, I think she should have used a bit more jazz hands in this video.




And if you want more, try these Destiny’s Child dance moves.  Think of it as core training.   Can you handle this?  I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly.  I don’t think you’re ready, ’cause my body is too bootylicious for ya baby.  




  1. lindsay says:

    i’m pretty sure the general public would rather see some more of your jazz hands and your bootyliciousness than any of my ‘moves’. 🙂 i’m barely coordinated enough for running!

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