Blogger, Can You Spare a Dime?

With my recent Disney accomplishment, I felt confident to take on the Michelob Ultra Challenge at this year’s Gasparilla Distance Classic.  After running a half marathon and a marathon the next day, I feel prepared enough to take on a mere 5 K, 15 K and a marathon the next day.  After all, it’s hardly a Goofy Challenge


Upon registering for the event, I suffered from a bit of sticker shock.


Michelob Ultra Challenge Entry Fees (15K, 5K & Marathon):  $160 


Are you serious?  It would appear that Jose Gaspar and his scurvy pirates be searching for treasure with those prices!  Arrrr!


Crushed by the mere cost of this event while still recovering financially from a very expensive Disney retreat for last weekend’s events, I chose not register for the event.  🙁


But then, I cleverly crafted a scheme to help off-set some of the cost for this overpriced race. 



 Listen, I am a SAHM mom with no income.  I am not above a little panhandling to help offset the cost of this extortionate race.  In the immortal words of TLC, “I ain’t too proud to beg.”


So, if find it in your heart to drop a few PayPal payments in my tin can (a.k.a my PayPal account), I would be eternally grateful.  To show my gratitude and appreciation for your contribution, I promise to run a better chip time than Disney.


Please spread the word around the blogosphere about my panhandling .  Take my tin can bloggie button and pass it along to your blogger friends.  Remember to link back here.  Thanks so much! 🙂


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  1. lindsay says:

    how’s the fundraising going? you do remember that disney cost like $100 more than that 😉 (i think anyway). but i know the feeling, i’m still in a little pain from all the disney-spending myself.

  2. Chloe says:

    Tell me about it! I wanted to do the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon it it was $120!! And a freaking IRONMAN is $550!! Are you kidding me? Seriously, the Ironman corp is all about the ‘brand’. After spending $100’s on training and who knows how much on a bike – they slap you with $550!! Ugh. I’m so feeling your pain.

    Ok – off my soap box now 🙂

  3. Run DMT says:

    @MATE- If I had bigger boobs, I would pole dance. But since I would need bigger boobs to make the big bucks, I would have to buy a boob job. Why do all the really fun things cost so much money?

    @ Lindsay- I’m sure Disney did cost more, but since I did the “unofficial” Goofy and I had a bit of a different payment plan. 😉 I paid $100 bucks last January and then another $100 bucks some time during the summer.

    @Chloe- $550 for Ironman! Seriously?! That’s insane! And don’t forget hotel and food for the trip out there! Madness!

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