Sunday Running Log #17

With the Disney Marathon behind me, I now face my next big challenge: the Gasparilla Distance Classic on Feb. 28.  And so the training begins again!  


Feeling pretty about my performance with the Unofficial Goofy Challenge, I’ve decided to go for the Michelob Ultra Challenge at Gasparilla, which consists of three races: 5 K, 15 K and a marathon.


I consulted Hal’s multiple marathons 6 week plan.  For the first week after a marathon, he suggests a week of rest or short runs, if you feel up to it.  For Sunday, Hal recommends a 1-2 hour work-out of any kind, which can include running. 


By Sunday, my mind and body was ready to run again and I decided to run 10 miles.  According to the plan, week two recommends a 12 mile run the following Sunday.  Because a 10 mile run would take me about an hour and a half, I thought the distance was a great way to start the training program.


The temperature at 7:00 a.m. was 35 degrees, which about the same temperature of the half marathon at Disney and my little run in the North Carolina mountains.  With Tiffany out of town and Lori too chicken to face the cold deciding to sleep in, I faced the cold long run alone.


I took my time to ease back into my long Sunday routine.  My slow pace was reflected in my time (10.27 miles, 2:00:36).


No crazy clown stories or scary stalker encounters.  It was too freaking cold for any other creatures!


  1. lindsay says:

    oh you are nuts. but a beer challenge sounds excellent! are they serving beer during the races? 🙂 glad the long run went well yesterday! i definitely wasn’t considering heading out myself. i’m resuming with a short, easy run tomorrow and hoping i’ve had enough rest over the past week without taking too much time off.

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