Loyal Commenter: More Than an Electrician

Today, we continue with the Carnival of Loyal Commenters by spotlighting More Than an Electrician.


A parent like me, he understands my pain and also like me, he uses humor to escape the hum-drum reality of his existence.  That wit and humor usually find its way into every comment he leaves here. 


He has a warped view on life, which I love.  Perhaps, he was always like that or maybe parenthood changed him, but together it has made him one funny mother!


Thank you for making me giggle, MTAE.  Keep them coming!



  1. Lacey says:

    haha i love your idea!!!! i have only been blogging since september but already feel like the blogs i read regularly + those people who read mine in return are in a sort of “network-family” it’s kinda nice getting to know everyone.

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