Goofy for Gasparilla, Part #3

With a bit of knee pain during my 14 mile run last week, I was very nervous about my performance at the Gasparilla Distance Classic.  Last Sunday, the final 5 miles of my 14 miles were the toughest.  I found myself stretching and walking a lot just to get through it.  After the run, I worried that my knee pain would cause some complications for my 16 mile run the following Sunday.


As for my plan for last week, I had all good intentions to increase the number of shorter distance runs by trying to get at 3-4 runs in before Sunday.  I believe my lack of running caused my body to resist the longer runs.  However, last week, the mornings were brutally cold for Florida standards.  I just simply summon the energy to run in 27 degrees.  So, instead of running last week, I added more yoga, kickboxing and some cardio tease.  I hoped the core training and stretching would help improve my performance on Sunday.


Oddly enough, Tiffany injured her knee and on Sunday, she couldn’t run farther than 2.5 miles. 


At 10 miles, I felt good and no knee pain surfaced. 


At 13 miles, I stopped for a Gatorade and banana walking break.  No problems or pain surfaced yet.


I finished 16 miles with some muscle discomfort, but at least my knee didn’t buckle!  After my run, I stretched for about 15 minutes and the soreness subsided.  Now my confidence is restored and I feel somewhat ready for Gasparilla!


This morning, I ran 4 miles.  Tomorrow, I plan to run 6 miles and 4 miles on Thursday.  This weekend, my family and I are camping and I am hoping to get a couple of short runs through the woods.  I will have to fit my long run on Monday afternoon when we return home. 


I have two weekends until the Gasparilla marathon and I am not quite sure what distances to run the next couple of Sundays.  According to Hal’s six week multiple marathon plan, I should run 10 miles this Sunday, but that leaves one more Sunday before the race.  Should I run 18-20 miles this week and run 10-12 next Sunday?   I would really love to hear your advice.


  1. Brian says:

    For half to full marathon, I usually taper for 3 weeks. So, I wouldn’t go as high as 18 for this weekend. I’d suggest maybe 12-16 this weekend then 10 next weekend then race the following weekend. Since you’ve run a half and a full marathon just a month ago, you’re more at risk of being over trained than being under trained.

    You’re fit. Don’t underestimate the power of fresh legs.

  2. lindsay says:

    i’m glad your knee is doing better and that the pole dancing didn’t irritate it. 🙂 i would definitely do the 10 next weekend/whatever weekend it is a week out from the race, and go longer (whatever your body can take) this weekend/two weeks out. sorry, i always get so confused with training schedules and “weeks out” from a race… it takes me an extra half hour to put my spreadsheet together.

  3. Tiffany says:

    I think Hal actually suggested that you repeat one of the weeks. Since you do want to taper before the race, I would run 16 miles this week and 10 the next. Remember, Hal knows everything!

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