It Hurts When I Do This

As I already mentioned in my GDC recap, my knee caused me some trouble during the Gasparilla marathon, but fortunately, I iced it immediately after the race.  However, since my DH arrived at the race after I crossed the finish line, I had no choice but to keep moving to find him.  The walking probably helped, but the ice definitely made my sad knee smile again.  I also stretched quite a bit after the race.


Once home, the stairs in my home were torturous.  My legs were killing me.  I found myself to be in more pain after this race than Disney, but I ran harder, walked less, there were fewer distractions (like numerous Disney Characters) and only the wind holding me back.


The other odd and relatively new-to-me pain is bruised toenails.  My toenails just plain hurt.  I’ve been wearing flip-flops, because closed toe shoes put pressure on my toes and cause more pain.  Apparently, this is a pretty common injury after running marathons.  I found this article by Jeff Galloway which eased my mind, but not so much the pain.


Then, I found this nifty little shoelace trick which may reduce toenail injuries.


Following Hal’s strict orders to rest during my Zero Week of recovery, I locked myself in the house for two days.  The only physical activity for me involved carrying loads of laundry up and down stairs, which was no small feat as you can imagine.   


Today (three days post marathon) my knee feels better, but my calves are a bit sore and of course, my toe nails still hurt.  This morning, I went for a walk to force my body to move.  While at the park, my 3 y.o. DD begged me to play tag, but I didn’t need to “pretend” to run slow.  Momma really couldn’t catch that little girl since Momma’s legs were still sore.  I must have sounded pathetic to my little one, because she later told me she couldn’t chase me because her back hurt.  Hmmmm….what message am I sending her?


Tomorrow, I plan to attempt a light 2-3 mile run, but I’ll play to by knee legs toe nails calves ear.  Friday, I would love to ride my bike again since tri season is coming soon.  Then on Sunday, I’ll try a 6-8 mile run.   My friend, Jackie, will be joining our little running group this week and that chick is fast!  I don’t know if my toenails can handle running with her!



  1. becelisa says:

    the day i lost my first toenail i felt i’d reached a rite of passage into the world of “real runners”. toenails are for sissies!

  2. lindsay says:

    i’ve lost a toenail and had a couple purply/black ones that hung on for dear life.

    i hope all your aches have started to subside by now since i am so behind on reading! sounds like you had solid recovery workouts planned and i hope you took them slow and easy. love how your 3 yo is having back pains already. 😉

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