Sunday Running Log #20

After retying my laces back to their original looping, I headed out to meet Tiffany for an easy 6 miles.  Not looking to break any new running records, but simply wanting to run a fair distance without some weird toe pain.


Two little Cottontail Rabbits hopped across my path on my way to meet Tiffany, which was a lovely reminder that spring is here.  Its the perfect time of the year for early morning runs and bunny hops.  



Although our early morning run was too early for Jackie, Lori joined Tiffany and me after a mile and a half.  Running at a very slow pace, the three of us were testing the waters to see how our bizarre injuries would handle after a few weeks off.  Lori has had some shin issues.  Tiffany has been experiencing t-band problems since the Disney marathon.  And of course, I have my freaky foot problem.


My earlier bunny sighting inspired us to sing Little Bunny Foo-Foo during our run which then sparked a conversation on the different versions of the song.  In one version, Little Bunny Foo-Foo bops field mice on the head.  In another version, Little Bunny Foo-Foo kisses them.  Why is Little Bunny Foo-Foo turned into a goon for kissing field mice on the head?  I think the fairy should be praising Foo-Foo for loving the little mice.


Jackie isn’t much of a talking runner, so she would have been pleased to have missed our deep Bunny Foo-Foo debate.  


After 3 miles, Lori and Tiffany were ready to return home.  My foot felt fine and I thought I could handle running a bit further.  I finished 6 miles with no freaky foot issues. 

Distance 6.11

Time 1:04:34

Pace 10:33


Pleased that I finally found the right tightness for my running shoes, but worried that I would mess with it the next time I ran, I’ve become completely obsessed with my laces.  I found these how to videos on Runner’s World, which demonstrate several different methods to lace shoes for a variety of common complaints. 


I will try running on Tuesday with my shoes laced the old fashioned way again.  If I have any pain, I will try one of the methods on the site.  I particularly like the two laces on one shoe.  What a conversation starter that will be at the next race!  I can hear the other runners now!


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