Only 2 Runs

I only ran two runs this week and they were both terrible.


Wednesday, I ran 3.22 miles.  My time was hideous.

Time 31:39

Pace 9:50


Fortunately, I didn’t feel any weird toe pain.  My DH retied my laces on my shoes to what he called the “British way to tie laces”.  It actually resembles the black toe lace jobby I mentioned here.


Tell you the truth; I don’t really like this method of tying shoes.  I can’t get the shoe snug around my ankles and when I pull the laces it makes the shoes tighter by my toe, which is exactly what I am trying to avoid.  Not to mention, I have one really ridiculously long lace that keeps getting longer when I pull the laces.  My OCD, anal-retentive brain needs to have my laces the same length on either side.  (Don’t judge me until you’ve run a mile in my shoes.)




But, I decided to give this Black Toe Prevention/British-style Laces one more go on Friday when I ran 4.22 miles.  Once again my time was disgraceful.  

Time 41:20

Pace 9:48


While I ran, I chanted in my head “Heel, toe, heel, toe, heel, toe” to make sure my foot placement on the pavement was right.  Still, towards the end of the run, I started to feel that weird toe pain again.  So frustrating!


Today, I will attempt some strength training and weights.  Tomorrow, for my Sunday run, I will shoot for 6 miles easy with my shoes laced the old way again.


  1. lindsay says:

    that is a very weird way to tie shoes. i would be having a heart attack over the uneven laces too. i know there are different methods though, maybe you could stop by a running store and see if they have any suggestions of lacing?

  2. thequestfor135 says:

    Hey, don’t worry about time so much if it’s beating you up. Just go and run a distance or maybe try to run for an hour, whatever the distance is. If you focus on that too much, the discouragement may start to sneak in and effect your motivation to run.
    I think the heel toe thoughts are the right way to get form down. Once you have your style such that you are comfortable running heel to toe, start to consider your stride. I have cut my stride down so much over the past month and have seen my times and exertion improve greatly. Good luck.

  3. morethananelectrician says:


    We have been tying out shoes the same way for years…this is not the time to change this. I just a big Toe pain on my right foot…sometimes for days at a time. I don’t know what it is or why…but it really feels broken. I run right through it and sometimes it goes away…and sometimes it doesn’t…but it REALLY hurts. I had it on Friday and it felt like I had kicked something.

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