The Runs

It’s been while since I posted about any of my runs.  After all this is a running blog, darn it!


Truth be told, my runs have been few and far between.  In the last two weeks, I’ve ran a total of 3 times.  I’m not proud of that fact, but I can pile on the excuses.


  1. My foot took a long time to recover.
  2. When I do run, my sad 3 mile runs are pathetic.  I am so out of shape from my lack of running.  When I do run, it’s a chore and my times are just sad.
  3. With the highs reaching 90 degrees, it’s too bloody hot to run.
  4. There’s a love bug invasion at the moment and they skeeve me.
  5. There have been several controlled fires in the area due to the droughts and the smoke is getting to my asthma.
  6. I suck.


When I heard that the forecast in NYC predicted rain all weekend, I didn’t bother to pack my running shoes.  More than that, I knew I wouldn’t have the time to run during our short weekend trip.  But when we walked through Central Park and I spotted all the runners, I longed to join them. 


While moping over all the NYC runners in Central Park, I happened to notice their calf muscles.  They have the most AMZAING muscle definition in their legs!  I was so jealous!  So, I’ve decided when I can motivate my fat lazy ass self to really run again, I need to add hill and trail runs to my training to build myself some Big Apple legs.  That doesn’t sound too appealing, though.  Maybe I should call them NYC legs?


  1. morethananelectrician says:

    The gym is “weatherproof” and, other than this week of sickness, has my milage has been 20-30 a week. 10-12 on the weekend outside and the rest of them in the gym.

    Try not to pay attention to your times…it makes it seem like work. Try to remember why you like running…let that be your motivation.

  2. lindsay says:

    ugh i am so with you. this week has been non-existent in the running world – excuses come wayyy too easily! hope your foot is 100% better so you can get back in the groove again. the heat / humidity are certainly not helping but maybe we will acclimate one day… maybe.

  3. dwyatt64 says:

    Here in VA the humidity and heat also make summer running a chore, not a joy. In the summer months, I log my time on the treadmill. Luckily I invested in a really good one for the house (we have a workout room) and it’s so much nicer to run in the AC. Downside? A lot of races around here are in June, and even early morning start times soon turn hellish. Running in the AC doesn’t nearly prepare me well enough, but at least I get my miles in!

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