Laboring Strides

The three-day holiday weekend provided an extra day of working hard with my new Strider friends.  On Saturday, Tiffany and I met the Striders and attempted 6 miles again this week, however, with too many weeks off between our 6 mile runs, this week’s attempt seemed to be the worst attempt yet.

6 miles

Time 1:17:45

Pace 12:57


Early Monday morning, we met our Strider friends once again for a short but yet, still pathetic 3 miles.

3.10 miles

Time 34:15

Pace 11:02


Prior to joining the Striders, several runner friends shared with me the benefits of belonging to running club and recommended that I find one.  Now that I have found the Striders, I understand why.  It’s not just about meeting other runners and looking for people to pace with.  It’s about the support and the bonds you develop with each “stride”.  It’s about the connections you make on and off the trails.  It’s about the encouragement and praise for each achievement, big or small.


About 6 weeks ago, the Striders hosted a “Summer Stroll”, a potluck dinner event for the members and their families.  Like typical Strider fashion, the food was fabulous although the company was even better.  Also at this event, we recognized the July Birthdays and yours truly was serenaded and given her very own sweet treat, which I had to split three ways, of course.  My girls enjoyed meeting my new running friends, but they loved the desserts even more.








  1. Mark says:

    Hi Denise, I met you at the Labor Day Strider’s run so I thought I would put a link to my blog. I used to call it “Boston Quest”, but changed it after I ran Boston, now I have a big long title which refers to my new goal and a recent 5K where I was beaten by a guy with a “2:59” on the back of his shirt and it was a foggy morning. Happy running!

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