My Fizzling Four

I read somewhere that it takes two weeks for every one week you miss of a work-out.  Given that logic and the fact that I was out of play for 3 weeks due to some nasty bruised ribs, it will take me 6 weeks to catch back up to where I was before my spill and boy, does it ever feel like it will take me that long.


Last week, I seemed to be a bit better about getting up for my runs before my family woke.  I was on fire.  Back to school and back into routine and it felt good.  I felt balanced again. 


Not so much this week, because I’ve had a really hard time getting out of bed.  I’ve been working out and running, just not during the dark hours like I did last week.


This morning, I couldn’t get out of bed once again, but I was determined to run.  Typically, if I don’t run in the wee hours of the morning, then I just do another work-out, like kickboxing or boot camp stuff.  But this morning, I really wanted to run.  I needed to run and by golly I was going to do just that!  So, what if it was 9:30?  I can handle the heat.


Or so I thought…


About a mile into my run, I thought I was going to pass out from the heat.  Plus, my asthma was kicking because I forgot to take a few puffs from my inhaler before running.  All that wheezing caused me to get a cramp in my side and I needed to walk A LOT.  At least my feet and knees felt great, thanks to my new shoes!


What was I thinking?  I know better than running that late in the morning in the Florida heat.  I think all the wonderful tweets about fabulous fall weather on Twitter have confused me and I’ve forgotten that I live in the subtropics where no signs of fall ever grace our pretty palm trees.


Despite the heat and the wheezing, I finished 4 miles, but oh Lord, was my time sad.  Really, it was.  I’m not even going to post my stats because I am too embarrassed. 


What’s that?  You won’t judge.  You’re here to support me, you say?  All right then, I post them, but you have to promise not to laugh.

4 miles

Time 41:51

Ave Pace 10:28


I told you I walked a lot.  O.K., so my stats are not that bad.  Hey!  You promised you wouldn’t laugh!


  1. lindsay says:

    nothing wrong with a run-walk! (i did one this morning in fact) 🙂 i always say at least it’s better than not going out for any exercise at all, and sometimes it’s nice to give the body a rest. though you’ve had some time off lately, you can’t expect yourself to bounce right back into it. unfortunately we have to re-build after time off, my least favorite part about rest/time off!

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