First Concert

Musical Monday

I’ve decided to use this theme to tell a story about some of my most memorable concerts.  Of course, I’ll start with my first concert, however, I’m ashamed to admit that my first concert was Culture Club.  My parents escorted my sister and me to the show when I was thirteen.  I loved the show, but the experience was a nightmare and my parents swore they would never take us to another concert again.  They kept their word and I kept my concert t-shirt after all these years.  




At age sixteen, I attended my first concert with a group of friends without chaperones: U2, Joshua Tree Tour, which was an absolutely amazing show.  I stood third row from the stage and I’ll never forget how star struck I was by Bono and The Edge.  I was three rows away from a man who would someday become known as a world humanitarian.  Even then, I could feel that power, energy and charisma while standing in his presence.




Almost a decade later, my sister and I bought tickets to see Live.  Another amazing show, but this concert sticks out in my mind because my future husband was among the many fans in the audience, however, our paths were not meant to cross that night.  We were destined to meet a few months later.




 Eventually, Allan and I met and while dating we attended our first concert together.  A local radio station hosted a free concert on Clearwater Beach and the headliner was a new rising star named Jewel.  An interesting mix of people formed a small crowd that stood on the beach to hear this young performer sing her recent hit, Who Will Save Your Soul.  I distinctly recall some of the remarks made by a gentleman who stood near us.  In a country twang he hollered out, “Jewel, your voice is like sugar straight from the cane.”


Later that evening while we stood in the powdery sand listening to Jewel’s sweet sugary yodels, Allan kissed me.  Of course, the gentleman Jewel fan had a comment.  “Can I have one?”  he asked in a country tang.


“Sure,” Allan replied as he leaned in to kiss the gentlemen. 


Fortunately, the gentleman’s friends thought it was funny and thankfully, no fight broke out but he did keep his comments to himself after that.   Watching Jewel for free on the beach was definitely a great time but I think it’s cool that we saw Jewel perform before she became a huge success. 




  1. Denise says:

    Great story! Your poor parents, LOL. I can imagine how crazy a Culture Club concert would have been.

    Very cool that you saw Jewel before she was famous, I LOVE her music!!!

  2. Carleen says:

    My neighbor’s teenage daughter was absolutely crazy about Boy George and when she babysat for us, she and my daughter would sing “Karma Chameleon” over and over and over. I learned to hate that song pretty quickly as a result, LOL!

    Loved the comeback to the guy on the beach!

  3. Pam says:

    No shame in Culture Club, they rocked. Their greatest hits still hold up, at least in my little brain.

    I saw Joshua Tree to and it was amazing!

  4. Hazel says:

    Great memories of concerts. My very first concert was unchaperoned too. When it’s your choice, minus the parent authority hovering over it, and you can scream and rave about it with girlfriends and boyfriends, it’s really fun 🙂

  5. Valerie says:

    lol My parents never went with us to a concert! So glad!! I like the story about you and your hubs being at the same concert. My hubs and I crossed a lot of the same paths before we met too. Enjoyed your concert memory lane!!

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