A Week’s Worth

Some weeks it feels like I can barely manage to keep my head above water with all the hats I wear: my mom hat, my moms’ group organizer hat, my maid hat, my chauffer and my runner hat.  This past week was one of those weeks.


Heading into a 4 day weekend with my girlfriends, I was quite proud of my outstanding organizational skills and my ability to complete my daily tasks before leaving on my retreat.  However, returning home from my girlfriend getaway had quite different results. 


I still appeared to be a Super Mom, but only off the blogosphere radar.  This week, I volunteered at both my daughter’s schools.  I hosted an apple play date and entertained 8 preschoolers.  Plus, I followed through with my organizer duties as well as my housewife duties.   


But something always has to give and Facebooking, tweeting and blogging were the things that got bumped for the other things happening around here.  Some days I feel Super Mom and other days I feel like a Super Slacker.


Fortunately, I didn’t slack off with my training and now, I have a week’s worth of running stats to share.


After binge drinking Saturday night with my girlfriends, I was in no shape for running Sunday morning, but since we had to pack up, there really wasn’t time for one last run on the beach.  Monday, my quads still hurt and I believe I pulled a muscle with my stupid speedwork and beach runs.


Tuesday, I ignored my cranky quads and ran a quick three miles.  I set off a little late in the morning and bumped into an old friend I hadn’t seen in awhile, Cujo.  He’s a mini-Doberman, but when we comes charging at you, he’s as vicious as any pit-bull.  As Cujo plunged for my ankles, he made a dead stop at the edge of the lawn.  It appeared his owners have installed an electric fence and I thanked the running gods for such a fabulous gift.

3.1 Miles

Time 29:10

Ave Pace 9:24


Due to a crazy schedule on Wednesday with carpools and volunteering, I didn’t have time for any running.  I had hoped to run in the evening, but who am I kidding?  I never run in the evening. 


Thursday and Friday, I ran in the early morning hours and enjoyed running under a clear, starry sky.  The weather felt cooler and as though fall might have actually arrived here in Florida until the sun rose and the temperature quickly hit highs in the upper 80s.

9/24 – 4 Miles

Time 38:42

Ave Pace 9:41


9/25 – 3.51 Miles

Time 33:42

Ave Pace 9:35


My stupid speedwork definitely approved my times and I am proud with the results, at least until I ran on Saturday.  I hoped to run 7 miles under an hour, but that was surely wishing thinking.  Oh well. 


7 Miles

Time 1:15:30

Ave Pace 10:47


On a side note, I would like to point out my max pace, which displays my attempt to run fast and not lollygagging at the water stations.  Best Pace 7:11


 This week, Tiffany and I will meet do another set of sprints (7×400) at my house, so my quads should be happy about that!  Also, this Saturday some of the Striders and I are participating in the Race for the Cure.  I really enjoyed this race and I can’t wait to see if I improve my time from last year.


  1. lindsay says:

    life can be quite busy at times, especially with all you have going on! your real world responsibilities and relationships are more important than the blogosphere. glad to see you kept up with the running, and hopefully this week is less crazy for you.

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