Damp and Delusional

Isn’t it funny how some days you can’t get motivated to run?  You drag your feet.  Every step seems like an effort. 


That’s how I felt on Tuesday.  I had to force myself to run.  The weather is still miserably hot here and the humidity is stifling.  Therefore, Tuesday was not my best performance.


Distance 4.70

Time 48:70

Ave Pace 10:14


And then, there are some days when you jump out of bed before the alarm wakes up.  You’re ready to take on the world and some serious miles.  Today was that day. 


Tiffany (my running partner) arranged to meet at our usual spot at 5:15 this morning.  I woke up before the alarm buzzed and in record speed, I dressed and headed out the door to meet her.  About a half mile into my warm-up walk, I felt a light sprinkle.  I looked up and in my best Christopher Robin impersonation muttered, “Tut.  Tut.  It looks like rain.”  And then the skies opened and a monsoon rain fell on me.


I took it as a sign that my warm-up was over and I ran the next half mile to meet Tiffany.  With each squishy step, I remembered why I hate running in the rain.  Then, my MP3 player short-circuited. 


When I made it to our starting point, there were no signs of Tiffany although I was a little early.  It gave me some time to properly stretch and wring out my running skirt.  Ten minutes later, there was still no sign of Tiffany and I knew she had probably sent me an e-mail stating how she was going to take a rain check on the run and crawl back into bed.


Once I finished stretching, the rain stopped and I had to decide if I would run my 9 miles or go home.  I elected to start running and ran towards Tiffany’s house.  Maybe she noticed the rain stopped and she would be on her way to meet me?


When I arrived at her house, I spotted a light shining in the kitchen.  I lightly tapped on her front door.  A dry, beautifully groomed runner resembling a Barbie doll answered the door with a smile.  Tiffany informed me of an e-mail she had just sent bailing on today’s run.  However, now that the rain had passed and a disgruntled running partner stood at her doorstep, she quickly changed her mind and she was ready to go the distance. 


For the next soggy 9 miles, my Saucony shoes kept squishing and it sounded like we were being followed.  Then, my water-logged running skirt kept slipping off my hips and I looked like a stripper runner. 


But the real fun occurred around mile 7, when blisters began burning the bottoms of my pinky toes.  Like I said, today I was highly motivated to finish 9 miles.  Staying persistent,  I continued running through the pain.  With each agonizing step, I remembered why I hate running in the rain so much. 


9.0 miles


Ave Pace 11:58


It wasn’t my greatest performance, but at least I made it and stayed miraculously motivated through it all.    However, it will be a long while before I run in the rain again.  Hopefully, my shoes will dry out before then.


  1. Tiffany says:

    Ahhh! Thanks for describing me as a “dry, beautifully groomed runner resembling a Barbie doll!” I am so sorry you got stuck in the rain. I only missed it because I had to use the potty one last time before heading out. The entire run, I kept thinking there was someone coming up behind us–but it was just your squishy shoes! At least we got it done! You were such a trooper!

  2. Autumn Beck says:

    ok, just found your blog through diapers to dates and you are crazy! running is not something i’d call fun 😛 i’m going to take a look around your blog and maybe i’ll get motivated.

  3. vmlay says:

    Honestly, I am so impressed that you run that far and that much — I couldn’t even make it to the end of our driveway! I loved your description of being a stripper runner — I needed that smile today 🙂

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