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Every week, I visit I Heart Faces and promise to participate in the challenge, but I then I get distracted and forget to submit my photos.  But not this week!  Although this week’s challenge seemed relatively easy, it was difficult to narrow down my favorite places.


About 5 years ago, we traveled to Chester, England for my friend, Suzie’s, wedding.  During our holiday, we drove to Edinburgh, Scotland (where Allan was born), York (the city where I completed my final teaching internship) and visited Whitby (Allan’s hometown).  Although I had seen many pictures of Whitby, it wasn’t until I physically stepped foot in the town that I understood why Allan gets homesick.  Since my college days, I have always loved England, but I fell in love with little quaint little sleepy seaside town.  Honestly, pictures do not do it justice and simply cannot reflect the beauty of Whitby.  Someday we’ll own a small little cottage summer home there visit again.




New Orleans
Can you believe I spent a weekend in New Orleans and this is the best picture with “faces” I can find?  These cute little Jamie Hayes voodoo dolls were more willing models than my DH.



This southern city is truly full of soul in more ways than one.  New Orleans has the best food, best music and the best people.  I’m planning a trip back to the Big Easy for my 40th birthday in 2011.


BTW…Good luck to the Saints in the Super Bowl!  Who dat?!


New York City
Last year, we were fortunate to spend two kid-free weekends in New York CityOur May trip was Allan’s first time in the Big Apple.  He usually doesn’t like having his photo taken, but he willingly posed for this shot.  Look closely at the photo to see why Allan thought he was being so clever.



The Beach
I love the beach and so do my girls.  Thank heavens we live in a state that is almost surrounded with soft sand and beautiful blue water.  I can’t wait for the warm weather to arrive so we can start packing the beach bags and head for the waves again.



Living in Florida, you either take for granted that you live in a state with miles of beautiful beaches and Mickey Mouse or your take full advantage of it.  It’s been a year since our last trip to the Magic Kingdom and I miss the magic. Therefore for Mother’s Day this year, I requested a weekend at Disney.




Both Allan and I camped as kids, but until our friends, Erika and John, reintroduced us to the idea of camping a few years ago, we had forgotten how much we loved it.  Now, we camp a couple times of year with our friends and it’s something we all look forward to, except when it’s raining.



North Carolina
We can also thank our friends, Erika and John, for our love for North Carolina.  For the past three years, our two families have enjoyed sharing a cabin and playing in the snow in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  However, last month was probably our final trip to the mountains for awhile.  We’ll have to see if our next little one will be an intrepid traveler, car sleeper or car screamer like his/her sisters were as infants.  Another car screamer would make me head for the hills for sure!   Fingers crossed we can return to North Carolina in 2011.





So, I cheated a little with this one, because my friend and absolutely FABULOUS photographer, Kelly, took this family photo.  I really love Hooters, however, my pregnancy nose can’t stand the smell of chicken or fried food, so I’m really missing sunsets over the Gulf and hot wings and pitchers of beer at the New Port Richey Hooters these days.  Food aversions really stink.  (No pun intended.)




Dorothy said it best.  There’s no place like home. As much as I love to travel, it feels so good to come back to the comforts of home after any trip.



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  1. Buckeroomama says:

    Congrats on your next little bundle of joy! 🙂

    I think seaside towns are all so charming and quaint. There is something about them that really makes me feel at home and just want to stay a while.

  2. Alyssa says:

    I miss living in Fla. So true how you would take Disney for granted and oh the beautiful beaches….The beach water is just not the same here in N.J. that is for sure. I want to go to the Blue Ridge Mountains. Your pics are beautiful from there- haven’t been brave enough to “try” the drive yet with daughter. Love your pics of England as well.

  3. angie says:

    Not fair. Not fair at all. Now I want to go to England, to the beach, play in the snow, go to NY and NC.

    SERIOUSLY loved seeing all the places you’ve captured faces.

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