Raising Runners

Since my running days are much less due to my pregnancy and my races fewer and far between, I decided to live vicariously through my girls by registering them for the Gasparilla Distance Junior Classic.


The city of Tampa hosts a month long pirate celebration in the name of Gasparilla which includes several parades, festivals and two types of races: the Gasparilla Distance Classic and the Gasparilla Distance Junior Classic, which is sponsored by the Mendez Foundation to promote a healthy, drug free lifestyle.


The children’s race was held at the University of Tampa (my DH’s alma mater) at Pepin Stadium.  To keep the children occupied between races, there were loads of fun activities including face painting, a coloring station and tons for free food and goodies.



Before the start of the race, a Tampa General Hospital helicopter landed in the middle of field.  My girls enjoyed climbing aboard and exploring the cockpit of the chopper.






We spent the morning with our friends, Chrissy and Mike and their two boys, Dylan and Jared.



Along the track, we also bumped into several other friends, including my runner blogger buddy, Becelisa and her daughter, Sierra.



Allana’s half mile dash was first.  At the start line, she instantly made friends with another little girl.





They walked and ran the race side by side and even crossed the finish line together.





Emmalynn’s 30 yard dash was much later and given the number of preschoolers in such a small area, the race organizers seeded the race according to birth month.  Emmalynn begged me to run with her and of course, I humored her.  Too bad my DH wouldn’t be a good sport and hold my purse for me.




Allan and I beamed with pride over our girls’ outstanding performances and Allana and Emmalynn were proud of their achievements.  Both girls proudly wore their achievements, smiles and medals for the rest of the day.




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  1. Michelle @ One Crafty Mama says:

    I think that is so much fun that you get your girls involved with running events.

    My mom has been a race consultant for over 28 years so I have been to more running events than I can count (but not running……working).

  2. kimert says:

    I LOVE that!! We are part of a track club youth program here that holds practices twice a week and track meets on Saturday during the summer! We enjoy it so much and I love that my kids are sharing my passion. 🙂 Great pics!! So proud of your girls! And you look great!

  3. Lori says:

    Great photos! Allana is just like her mom. Making friends and socializing while working out. Future MOTG organizer there. I can’t believe Allan wouldn’t hold your purse. I mean, you are carrying his baby. He could at least carry your purse. Even if it is zebra striped.

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