Great Googly Moogly

If you’re a regular Run DMT reader, you may recall my oldest daughter’s bartering with the Tooth Fairy for some Silly Bandz.  To say that Allana is obsessed with these fun shaped, silicone bracelets would be an understatement.  So when Googly Bands requested bloggers to review their hottest new designs, I jumped at the chance…for the sake of my children, of course.



From preschoolers to tweens, these stretchable silicone bracelets are the hottest collectables since Beanie Babies and my girls and their friends are right in the thick of the craze too.  They couldn’t wait to tear into our sample packages to try out the new Googly Bands designs and test them out for the purpose of this review.  Emmalynn picked the Treats and Allana sank her claws into the Sea Creatures.



Emmalynn loved the fun bright colors, especially the purple cupcakes, but Allana (my little Pinkalicious princess) preferred the hot pink octopus which she also thought doubled as a pineapple.  Shortly after they admired their new shapes, the girls began trading.



But for Allana, trading for Treat Googly Bands was only the icing on the cake when she heard about the Googly Band Design Contest.  Starting June 1st 2010, Imperial Toy Inc (the makers of Googly Bands) will be accepting submissions for the first ever Googly® Band Design Contest.  The winner will receive a $50 gift card and a chance to design the new style of Googly Bands.  For more information about the Googly® Band Design Contest and submission guidelines, visit www.GooglyBands.comjoin Googly Bands on Facebook or follow Googly Bands on Twitter (@googlybands). All submissions must be emailed to [email protected] by midnight pacific time on July 18, 2010.


Allana was so excited about being the first kid in her class with these “rare”, yet soon to be on the shelf Googly Bands and she asked if she could bring in the OPP packaging to prove the authenticity of her never-seen-before Googly Bands to her classmates. 


The new Googly Bands designs will be available at most major retailers this month including Wal-Mart and Walgreens.  If you kids are big collectors like mine, then you know that most stores can’t keep these silicone bands on the shelf long enough and these fun, bright Googly Bands will be no exception!