Joining the Juneathon

Today kicked off the official start of the Juneathon and I did my best to join in the fun.  After all, I’ve got my eyes on the prize:  a pair of Vibram Five Fingers Classics.


Although my wogging days have been temporarily postponed until my postpartum days, I chose to ease into the Juneathon with 20 minutes of prenatal yoga and weight training.  This big ol’ bump may keep me from wogging, but it can’t keep me from a few biceps and tricep curls.  I also threw in some squats and lunges in for good measure.


If you missed joining the Juneathon today, there’s always tomorrow.  In fact, tomorrow (June 2) is National Running Day, so get out there and run for me or run with virtual Run DMT.

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  1. kimert says:

    I love the word “wogging.” And I hope you get your Vibrams! I’ve been eyeballing those lately but just don’t know if I am that runner yet. lol
    I am excited for National Running Day though!!! YAY!!!!

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