Music Monday: Get Ur Freak On

On Saturday, Allan and I will be hosting our annual adult Halloween party and I am so ready to get my freak on.




Since I’ve still got a saggy, baggy belly from where my baby bump once was, I am going for comfy and cute for this year’s look.  In case you’re curious about my costume, I’ll give you a hint.




As we draw closer Halloween, each week I will be sharing my favorite Halloween tunes for Music Monday. Share your favorite spine tingling tunes too… if you dare. Muhahahahahaha!



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  1. princessmina says:

    I love that song, great pick to get in party mode! I’m sure it will be great, take tons of photos!

  2. Lorie Shewbridge says:

    Sorry, not a fan of Missy Elliot at all, but I thought the second song was really fun and a great way to get the blood flowing on a Monday.
    As for your so called “baby bump” – RIGHT?!?!?
    I’m still working on getting rid of mine and my youngest is 18… YEARS old… TeeHee
    Thanks for linking with me and Dolly, we really appreciate the support every week. Can’t wait to see your Halloween post next Monday. BBBOOOO!

  3. tr05prius says:

    Great song choices and if you can believe this or not I saw that movie. One of the few I actually liked and didn’t fall asleep through. I do hope we get to see pictures of your costumes. Sounds like great fun. Excellent choices 🙂

  4. Boobies says:

    LOVE Missy…who can’t get wild with that?

    I remember when I first watched Juno thinking it was going to have a fab soundtrack…very eclectic group of stuff.

  5. xmasdolly says:

    Love it! I haven’t heard Missy Elliot in a long time. She’s got really mooooovin’ songs. Your second one is cute – never heard that one. I’ve been trying to work on my computer half the night, and all day. Got hacked. I wish I can find these people that mess with people like that, and just shake them, and tell them to get a life for pity sakes. Thanks for playin’ along today. I’m up, and running as of four o’clock, so if you’d like to stop by please do.

  6. Mariana says:

    An adult Halloween party sounds SO fun! And I love your costume idea 🙂

    I think I mentioned that I’m hosting the neighborhood party/parade this year. Feeling a little daunted by the preparations at the moment… but it’ll be great, I’m sure!

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