Just Like Starting Over

Yesterday, I ran another 4 miles and I am steadily improving.  WOOHOO!


4 Miles

357 Calories

Ave Pace 13:39

Max Pace 9:27

Time 54:34


Today, I registered for the Women’s Running Magazine 5K.  I’ve got about a month to really improve and get back into the game.  Truthfully, it feels just like starting over.


When I began running three years ago, I could barely run a quarter mile.  My good friend and running partner, Lori (now a virtual running partner/coach since she moved away), convinced me to stick with it.  “Anybody can run,” were her words.  “Run a bit and walk a bit.  You’ll get there.”


Lori twisted my arm convinced me to train for the Turkey Trot 5K Wingding even though I only wanted to run the 1 mile Gobbler.  She told me about Cool Running’s Couch Potato to 5K plan and Hal Higdon’s Novice 5K Plan which made a 5K goal more doable and attainable.  Runners can walk? It seemed like such an odd concept.


By following these plans, a once non-runner became an OBSESSED runner.  I was hooked and the rest is history.


But then I became pregnant and at seven months I was too big and too uncomfortable for any walking or running or wogging.  My running days would have to pick up after the baby was born.


Now, it’s two months after the birth of Baby Run DMT and I’m slowly getting back into the groove in more ways than one.  With my training, I’ve had to revisit those novice 5K plans because there’s a whole lot of walking to finish 4 miles.  Last week, I could barely run a quarter mile without having to stop to walk.  This week, I ran a half-mile (maybe even farther) before I needed to stop to walk.


In the beginning of my running days, Lori advised me to walk the intersections of our neighborhood, which is great advice that I’m following again these days. A five to ten second walk to cross the road is just the break I need to pick up my pace.


Since I didn’t have a Garmin, I don’t know what my pace was in the beginning of my running days, however, I believe I finished the Turkey Trot 5K in 33 minutes. It would be great to finish close to that at the Women’s 5K next month.


In our phone conversations, Coach Lori encourages me once again, “Don’t worry. You’ll be back at your old pace in no time. You’ll get there.”


But I think John Lennon said it best. It’ll be just like starting ooooovveeerrrr.


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