Music Monday: Halloweenies

As to be expected, our Adult Halloween party was quite the freak fest.  Much like the mood of the entire evening, the costumes and the company were a lot of fun.



Dressed as Katy Perry and Russell Brand, Erika and John had the best costume once again.



Tiffany and her husband, Greg, had the cutest costume dressed as Will Schuester and Quinn from Glee.



As Top Gun, Jackie and Bob were definitely the coolest.


But Julie and Jason had the funniest and most creative couples costume.  Can you guess what it was?




This Saturday, the Halloween hoopla continues with our Moms on the Go Family Halloween party.  Not quite as risqué as our adult party, but still a lot of fun.  Every year, I lead the kids’ costume parade with the Monster Mash, followed by our Witch Doctor freeze dance and we wrap the fun with Thriller limbo.



As you can imagine, I always need a stiff drink and a dead sleep after the kids’ party.  I hope this Halloween is a real treat for you and yours.


Happy Halloween!





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  1. tr05prius says:

    How fun and what great costumes. I think they were Siamese Mermaids myself LOL 🙂 Looks like everyone had a great time. And the one for the kids how fun and for you to do that with them is wonderful. Loved the video. I’d never seen that one. Well done. And I’ve seen the ads for Glee. 🙂 I gotta try and remember to watch it. Have a great week 🙂

  2. Lorie Shewbridge says:

    I love the costumes that you all wore. I’m not sure what your friends are dressed as, the guy looks like a taco, but the girl looks like she’s dressed for a prom.
    I loved the Halloween caroles, they were hysterical. I don’t watch SNL anymore so I never see any of this stuff. Thanks for sharing and thanks for linking up to us and for promoting our little meme. You ROCK!!

  3. Running Betty says:

    I’m totally going with fish taco!
    Brian has a good one coming up Sat night….
    I see you had a princess leia. That’s my backup when I go out with the kids. My karate gi and hair up in buns – easy…
    Actually it’s been my backup since I was about 9 🙂

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