30-Day Giving Challenge

30-Day Giving ChallengeToday begins Day 1 of the 30 Day Giving Challenge.  My family and I participated last November and we are thrilled and excited to be participating in this challenge again this season.


Like last year, the girls and I will be making our cornucopia placemats so that they can record, admire and treasure their gifts of giving for years to come.  And also like year, I will share our gifts by tweeting and posting them on Facebook.  I believe it inspired many of my friends and followers to take on the challenge as well.


However, this year I’ve decided to have Allana and Emmalynn help plan our 30 Days of Giving to make the experience more meaningful for them.  Using the calendar on the 30 Day Giving Challenge website, I’ll ask the girls what they would like to give and record their ideas on the calendar.


For Day 1, the girls have chosen to bring their Halloween candy to our dentist, who will donate candy to the troops through Operation Gratitude.


Where some might view this challenge too extreme or too difficult, I found we gave more than 30 gifts by the end of the challenge.  It’s such a rewarding experience and I encourage you to take on the challenge with my family and me.  Keep it simple and you’ll see how simple it is to give.  If you need some “gift ideas”, read through my list here for some suggestions.

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