Halloween Hangover

Almost a week later, my family and I are still recovering from a Halloween Hangover, a weekend filled with Halloween hoopla and a sugar high.


Last Friday, the girls had their Literacy Parade at school.  All the schools in our area prefer to promote reading in lieu of celebrating Halloween and therefore ask the kids to dress as literary characters.  The kids are then asked to carry a book which accompanies their costume.


In past years, the girls have had two costumes: one for the literary parade and one for Halloween.  Feeling lazy and frugal, I told the girls they could only wear one costume this year unless they chose to wear a costume already in their closet.  Fortunately, they seemed all right with that idea, but then Allana spotted the Double Trouble costume (half devil/half angel) at Target and really wanted to wear it.  I explained to her that if she could think of a book related to the costume, I would buy it for her.


A couple of weeks later, we thought of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever (an absolutely brilliant book).  In the story, Gladys Herdman plays the angel in the Christmas pageant, but she has a reputation for being an evil child.  Get it?  Gladys Herdman is half angel and half devil.



Emmalynn’s costume required less thought.  She wanted to be “Heather, the Violet Fairy” from Rainbow Magic: The Rainbow Fairies.



On Saturday, we attended our Moms on the Go Halloween party, which is always a lot of fun and this year, the weather was perfect too.



Sunday, we took the girls to a local pumpkin patch to pick pumpkins for jack-o-laterns.





Carving pumpkins is an activity we plan to do every year, but this is the first time we actually managed to find time to do it and the girls loved it!







Afterwards, we went trick-or-treating and the girls collected a mountain of candy.  In keeping with our 30-Day Giving Challenge, we donated 3 pounds to the dentist for Operation Gratitude and we still have a huge pile.



Now, you may understand why I call it Halloween Hangover.  We indulge in way too much fun and candy every Halloween.  Thankfully, the clocks go back this weekend so we can get an extra hour of sleep to help recover from our Halloween Hangover.


  1. kimert says:

    Love the costumes!!!
    And I noticed the prices on those pumpkins… holy cow! $15 really for a pumpkin?? And here I was grumbling over $6 for the same size.
    Hope you guys recover well from the Halloween hangover. Sure looks like lots of fun was had!

    • Run DMT says:

      Not to worry! I wouldn’t pay $15 for a pumpkin, either. See, when you visit a pumpkin patch on Halloween that practically give the pumpkins away. 😉 And that’s my money saving tip for the day! lol 🙂

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