Raising Runners, Part 2

When Suncoast Running offered a children’s running class, I enrolled the girls.  Over 6 weeks, Coach Lynn would teach the kids how to run a mile by demonstrating how to pace and the difference between a fast pace and an easy pace.



For the last class, the kids ran a ½ mile race…




and all the young participants received a medal.



The running class and the medals prepared the girls for the Gasparilla Jr. Race the following weekend.  Based on their age groups, Emmalynn ran 1/8 of a mile and Allana ran one mile.




Both girls applied what they had learned in their running class and paced themselves beautifully.  Coach Lynn would have been proud because Allan and I were definitely proud of our girls.



But I think Emmalynn and Allana were the proudest of their achievements.



PhotoStory Friday


  1. lindsay says:

    they are so adorable! way to go girls! i absolutely love the shot of emmalynn and the other girl running in their skirts – i am imagining them saying to their mom’s “mom, we want to run in our skirts too!”

  2. John says:

    I like how Allana looks to be joyfully taking the lead in the second picture, and how cocksure and confident she appears in the last two.

  3. kbomb78 says:

    Wow Great Job I take my son running with me twice a week because those are the days I run at the track and it is OK if he cant keep up! I as you truly hope to instill a Love a running in my children!

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