Hello Dolly!

It’s Xmas Dolly’s birthday this week and she requested Monday’s Music Moves Me participants to select a song just for her.  Of course, y’all know I love my Broadway tunes, so I couldn’t resist sharing this song just for Xmas Dolly.


But perhaps Hello Dolly seems a bit silly because not everyone likes show tunes.  So how about a song that is a bit more upbeat and contemporary?

After all, Xmas Dolly’s birthday falls on the same weekend as the two 5K races I just finished and finished strong.  When it comes to my running, I’m on the right track, baby.  My times just keep getting better and better and it makes me want to dance.  In fact, I think I will do the Gaga dance across the finish line at my next race.

So, let’s celebrate who we are because we were Born This Way!

Happy Birthday, Xmas Dolly!



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  1. XmasDolly says:

    Thank you – Thank you – Thank you! LOVE THE HELLO DOLLY! GaGa is very cool too! What fabulous choices! Thanks for playing along today. Trying to get mega people on our linky if only for today! PASS THE WORD! HUGSSSSS TO YA GIRLFRIEND! Proud to call you friend! Have a great day. I AM! IT’S THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER.

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