2011 Oldsmar Tap House 5K

Alternative Title: Will Run for Brew, Part Two

I remembered the Tap House Run being a much hotter event.  Don’t get me wrong.  It was hot, but not as humid as it was the first year when I last ran the 5K event.  I also remembered despite the heat really enjoying the course through downtown Oldsmar and its beautiful view along the bay.

This year, Jackie anticipated winning Das Boot, so she pushed her way through the crowd to the front of the pack.  The rest of us found a start position way in the back.  Much like the start line, we would admire Das Boot from a distance.

I started the race running alongside of Mike, Chrissy, Bob, Angie and Faith, but found my pace and a path through the crowd to move ahead.

Just after I passed mile 1, I spotted the fastest runners already heading to the finish line.  I began counting them to see if Jackie would make the top 50 for Das Boot.  Sure enough, there she was somewhere around number 30.  She was booking it for Das Boot!

Although I ran another 5K race in the evening a month prior to this race, I still wondered how I would perform in the evening especially since the weather would be a bit warmer.  This race was hot, but not that hot.  Honestly, it was pretty bearable and the Gulf breeze blowing in from the bay was a welcomed relief during the run.  However, I think some of my late morning training runs and the occasional evening run prepared my body for the heat.

But also to prepare for this race, I drank water throughout the day to help my body combat the heat.  I believe staying hydrated all day is what saved me from heat exhaustion and any cramping during the race.  I also carb loaded with a bagel and peanut butter for breakfast and a bowl of pasta for lunch, so I wasn’t hungry before or during the race.  I seemed to find the perfect amount of fuel to keep me going.

And keep going I did snapping photos along the way and only stopping to walk while rehydrating at the water station. I dumped water on myself as well as downing cups of cold water.

3.16 miles
Garmin Time 30:21
Ave Pace 9:37
Max Pace 7:11

Overall, it was a fun little 5K, but the street party afterwards was a blast with lots of sudsy Sierra Nevada Pale Ale flowing and tons of yummy food, like tacos from Tijuana Flats and Italian ice from Rita’s.  The whole event was a great time from start to finish and then start to finish again, but having my hubby and our friends there to support each other made a fun evening even better.

I’ll drink to that!


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