Within these booger-stain walls our humble home, we embrace life and suck the nectar out of it, which may explain all the teeth marks on the furniture.

But all those bite marks, scratches and hammered dents in the furniture add character.  Some would pay good money for a weathered look whereas my children offer their handiwork for free.

The walls may be lacking color or needing another coat of paint, but the fingerprints and artworks on the walls display signs of real masterpieces: my beautiful, creative and spirited children.

What appears as piles of clutter to guests are my pride possessions and cherished memories.

Our yard may not be the most manicured, but it looks well traveled.

My home is an honest reflection of my life.

It may not be perfect.

Occasionally it looks tired and shows signs of wear, but I do my best to maintain it.

And I love every inch of it.

PhotoStory Fridaythe hollie rogue


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