A Serendipity-Style Date

Last Sunday, Allan and I celebrated our 12th anniversary.  Twelve years, really?  Wow.

For our anniversary, I wanted to plan something different other than dinner and a movie.  So when I stumbled upon this idea from The Dating Divas on Pinterest, I knew this was the date to plan for us.

Allan and I love the movie Serendipity.  Since the way we met happened by chance or nearly met a few times before our first encounter, we love any and all romantic comedies that revolved that theme, however, Serendipity holds the number one spot.  (You can watch the trailer here.)

Basically, the two main characters meet by chance in a department store when trying to purchase the same pair of gloves and then spend the rest of day together.  At the end of the day, they try to exchange phone numbers but fate steps in so they decide to test fate by writing the numbers on a five dollar bill and in an old book.  If either item crosses their paths again, then they’re meant to be together.

When Allan and I celebrated our tenth anniversary in New York City, we tried to replicate Serendipity movie moments, like ice skating in Central Park.  Next to our wedding day and our honeymoon (and the birth of our children, of course) that weekend in NYC was the best time ever.

So for our Serendipity-style date, I recreated those special NYC moments with a Tampa flare.  I started with an invitation hidden inside the Serendipity DVD case.  With snowflakes embellishments and typewriter font, I created an invitation that cleverly outlined our date.

“The best time to ever be
Was our time spent in New York City
And how each moment
Was like a scene from Serendipity.
So let’s relive that date
With some ice and some skates
And lunch at Datz Deli.”

We began the date at Datz Deli.  The restaurant was so busy that the only available seating was at the bar.  We were all right with that.

To stick with the NYC motif, I ordered the Rockin’ Rueben, but Allan ordered a BBQ Brisket sandwich.   I couldn’t eat the whole thing, but I knew I would be hungry again after ice skating.

For the past two holiday seasons, city of Tampa has erected an ice rink at Curtis Hixon Park in the middle of Downtown Tampa, appropriately named Tampa’s Downtown on Ice.  Although the rink is small and on this particularly Sunday, very crowded, it filled the bill for the ice skating portion of our date.

Unfortunately, it was hard to hold hands as we skated as we had to swerve around small children.  I even fell on my knees at one point, which made me laugh so hard.  No matter how small the rink was, we still had huge fun and we left a Serendipity sign to let others know we were there.

Since Allan and I worked up quite a thirst ice skating, we popped over to Taps across the street from Tampa’s Downtown on Ice for a quick pint.  We drank to a fun date and toasted twelve great years.  Here’s to many more of them!

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  1. Kathy says:

    Happy anniversary! I love how you planned out your anniversary to emulate your NYC weekend. How fun! Thank you for visiting my blog, I look forward to returning to yours 🙂 Happy holidays!


  2. dalettre says:

    WOW, Denise. That is so cool…and congratulations to you both! Sounds like your celebration was a ton of fun.

    I pray y’all have an amazing Christmas, too!

  3. patience says:

    lol, yesterday my husband and i were saying how we have almost been together for seven years now and Oh My God that’s sooo long! but your twelve makes me feel like 7 is child’s play! welll done and it’s delightful to see you are still keeping the “flame alive.”

    p.s. i love that movie. though by the end of those movies you’ll always find me shouting “just get together/find each other already!”

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