A Run DMT Year in Review

January – The F Word

In 2011, the number 40 was more than milestone.   At the beginning of year, I proclaimed a goal to run 40 miles before my 40th birthday and my desire to be fit at forty all with the emphasis of the f-bomb.

During the winter break, we built Florida Snowmen with Auntie Kirsten and Meghan which produced some fabulous photos.

February – My Air and Water Diet…Not so Much

Although there was enough love in February to sustain a city, it would take more than heartslove notes and valentines to keep this mama going.

In a funny vlog, I share a pile food I ate and still lost 18 pounds, ‘cause mama loves to eat which is why I run.  When you watch this crazy long vlog, count how many times I drop another f-word. Fantastic.


March was a time of reflection and education.  It started with a random act of kindness and which led to Lucy joining our family.  Then, a Gallery phototheme had me hunt down an old photo from my teaching days.  Those students taught me more than I ever taught them.

Also, spending more time with my niece, Meghan has educated me and made me more sensitive to epilepsy.  Since March is Epilepsy Awareness month, we recognized it with a spontaneous purple picnic.

AprilWhat Tomorrow Will Bring

In 2011, Liam and I showed our determination and fortitude to reach the finish line.

In April, I waited with bated breath for the NYC marathon lottery selection, which didn’t happen for me.  Watch the NYC Marathon video and you’ll understand why I’m applying again this year.  Applications for 2012 NYC Marathon lottery open at noon on January 2, 2012. God, I hope I get it. Keep my fingers, toes and shoelaces crossed again.

MayRun DMT’s Top 10 of Summer Don’ts

With May, came lots of  sunsets and summer, my favorite season.  I heart summer almost as much as I love writing lists.


Sometimes my youngest daughter, Emmalynn, has her head in the clouds sometimes and I love her for it.  I can totally relate.  During the summer months, my head is usually there too.

JulyLoving You for Your First Birthday

Although we have three birthdays in July in this family, two of those birthdays were milestones this year.  First, our little Tiny Cool, Emmalynn, turned six.  Then Little Lion Man turned one and I hit 40.  In our first Music Monday vlog duet debut, Little Lion Man and I share our best Minnie Riperton impersonations to recognize his first birthday.

AugustGet the Party Started

In August, I blogged a lot of back to school posts and summer coming to end stuff.

But we ended the summer on a high note when we celebrated my 40th birthday in August and it ROCKED!  Plus, I met my goal of losing 40 lbs and 40 miles before my 40th birthday.

I also organized a Tampa Bay Blogher Meetup.  (Another one is in the works for March 2012.)

SeptemberThings Heard at Our Girlfriend Getaway

Summer heat and celebrations were still in full swing in September as well as our annual girlfriend getaway.  You may need to take a few shots of Whipped Pinnacle vodka to understand most of this post, but it still makes me chuckle four months later.

OctoberRandom Thoughts about Tigers, Honey Badgers and Bunnies

In October, I transformed into a bad ass honey badger and Amy Whinehouse and transposed my likeness onto some photos for a funny list of 22 Things I’ve Never Done.

NovemberTen Years with Our Soul Sister

When November came, my family and I gave 30 gifts in 30 days and counted our blessings.  My oldest daughter, Allana turned ten and requested her ears to be pierced. Her milestone birthday hit me harder than my own.  Where did a decade go? 

December – A Serendipity Style Date

I’m not sure if blogging and Pinterest is making me a better mom/wife/friend or a worse one.  How can anything that helps plan dates like this be bad?

Of course, there was some of running happening throughout the year too.  After all, I am a Mom on the Run.  All my race recaps from this year and previous years can be found here.

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  1. Krystyn says:

    Love the recap! I did almost the same (I didn’t feel like looking up links for everything)…here’s to 2012 and all of the joy it brings.

  2. Melissa says:

    Wonderful list and gorgeous photos! You have such a beautiful family. And congrats on meeting your 40 goals. Super inspiring as I, once again, resolve to hit the gym and eat better in 2012. Discovered you on Parenting By Dummies. Off to get caught up on your 2011 now. Happy New Year!

  3. Amber says:

    Congratulations girl, what an accomplishment!!!!! I am so glad you linked up with us, as I haven’t stopped by for a visit recently.

    It was wonderful getting to see your children and read a little more about your year. Keep up the good work in 2012

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