Gasparilla and The Great Bead Booty

There be a pirate invasion once again in Tampa.

Aye, wearing snarls and yielding swords, me krewe set sail upon the Black Pearl in search of treasure known as The Great Bead Booty.

The Great Bead Booty be the gem of all the scurvy pirates at the Gasparilla Children’s Parade.  The secret, me hearties, is to keep ye good eye on all that is casted from the krewes that sail along Bayshore as ye never know what treasures lie in front of ye.

Be it beads or candy, scurvy pirates need to be ready. Aye, that be the story of how Captain Madre got hit in the head with a Tootsie Roll  some pirates lose an eye and are forever cursed to wear a patch.

Even me youngest scallywag found treasure…


…and tried to steal some more.

Legend tells, some pirates hunt for treasures of giant burritos.

But one scallywag set her sights on cotton candy only to have her plan foiled when Mean Captain Madre grunted, “No” and threatened a long walk off a short plank if she didn’t become a jolly pirate.

Then, a loud thunderous boom shook the land as Jose Gaspar’s ship invaded and began firing cannons.  But we did not withdraw, me hearties!  Aye, the Great Bead Booty was still ours for the taking!

After hours upon the bay, our voyage had ended and the time had come to find a new destination to feed me hungry krewe. Aye and motley krewe we be.

Until next year, Gaspar!  ARRRRRRGGH!

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  1. xmasdolly says:

    ~sniff-sniff~ and you didn’t take me with???? WOW! THAT LOOKS LIKE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much FUN!!! Tell me is that your whole family??? I mean how many chillens’ do you have??? SIX??? Or is one a nephew or niece or neighbor or something? Wow! That is great thanks so very much for sharing. I wish I could’ve taken my kids on fun adventures like that when they were little. A single mother of four children just didn’t have the time nor the money although I do remember one time we did go to Indiana Beach when the guy I was dating let me use his small camper & we had a blast. I even took my niece & her baby & my cousin’s little boy and my four and my grandson (who was a baby at the time & I was 39 I want you to know). Talk about a glutten for punishment. LOL Anyway, yeah just look at all those smiles. I’m gonna save one of these pics if you don’t mind. I have a file of all my close blog buddies & my favorite pics of them, but I always ask first. So, I”m askin. I never use them only for me to look at. Promise. Hugzzzzzzzzzzzzz and see Monday for our Valentine special theme – Romance is in the air!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and it’s okay you didn’t take me with. I forgive you cuz I got to see all the great pics.

  2. Molly says:

    This looks like a lot of fun… and it would appear that the adults enjoyed collecting booty as much as the kids. Loved the photographs of the boat, you captured it’s elegance very well.


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