Arrrrr! It be the Black Pearl!

For the past 4 years, I have driven the typical happy family mobile, a Honda Odyssey.  I know some people can’t stomach the idea of sporting a mini-van, but when you have children it really is a practical choice. 

Our lease was ending of on our mini-van and we were faced with the decision of either purchasing the vehicle or extending the lease.  Despite what all the financial wizards advise against leasing cars, we have found it to be a rational decision for us as we like to drive new cars every few years.  If you resolve to the idea of always having a car payment and can budget the expense, then a lease makes sense. 

Although our lease was ending next month, Allan wanted to act quickly to take advantage of all the close-out deals.  After all, Honda’s Mr. Opportunity is knocking.


So, we loaded up the girls and visited the local Honda dealership.  To my dismay, in recent years, Honda changed the palette of colors available for the Odyssey.  The lovely “Red Rock Pearl” is no longer available, but has been replaced with a hideous “Dark Cherry Red”.  For Honda to call this color “red” is simply false advertising.  The tint appears more brown or purple depending on the light or lack of light.  

Years ago, my SIL drove a purple Windstar, which was often referred to as the “Barney Mobile”.  I simply could not face driving a raisin mini-van for fear that I would be the labeled “The New and Improved Barney Mobile”.  Although we may be jamming to Barney beats while driving, I would rather onlookers not make the connection when we cruise down the road.  No person looks cool in a mini-van, but driving a purple family mobile would cause me to definitely lose any remaining street cred. 

I couldn’t pick silver because my other SIL drives a silver Odyssey.  We would look like bookends at the next family function.  

As I stared at the rainbow of magical mini-van colors, I thought perhaps I could drive a burgundy color vehicle.  Perhaps, it was all in my head.  Then, the sales man inquired as to why I didn’t like the color, I simply stated that it was too purple.  He replied, “Well, it is a Barney color, isn’t?”  With that, the coffin closed on that color choice.

Often confused by too many choices, I once again became crippled by the pressure of making a decision on the spot.  I could not commit to the idea of driving a mini-van for the next 4 years of a color I didn’t love, regardless how spectacular the deal may be.  Even our salesman concurred that color is a reflection of your personality. 

With that, we left the dealership without a new car.  Allan advised me to look for other mini-vans on the road to determine what color I could live with.  As I drove to mall for some retail therapy, I followed Allan’s advice and observed other Odysseys on the way.  I even drove to another dealership later that day to see other available color choices.

That’s where I found Jesus.  Jesus (pronounced HEY-soos) literally took my hand and helped me come to a decision.  Like depicted in Footprints in the Sand, Jesus walked with me.  He showed me the path to the many mini-vans and told me he would be there for me.  So, while my children watched a video in the car, I perused the car lot to select a car.

 In a sea of confusion, the answer came to me like a lighthouse beacon.  I would choose black.  I returned to the car and flipped through the brochure to view the options and color palette once more.  I chuckled and realized that I had made the right choice.  I immediately called Allan to tell him. 

“I know what color I can live with,” I told him with a giggle. 

“Really?” He replied.  I could tell he was surprised that I made a decision before sunset.

 “Aye.  I be the Black Pearl I want.  Arrrrr!”  I uttered in my best pirate voice.

 “So, it be the Black Pearl for you, Lassie?” 

“Aye,” I continued in my guttural pirate voice.  “So, when I go out with me wenches, I can say “Hop aboard the Black Pearl.  We are headin’ for a voyage!”

Arrgh!  It be us pirates with the Black Pearl and me booty.

Arr! It be us pirates with the Black Pearl and me booty.


  1. tanyetta says:

    I love it!!!!

    Mini Vans are HOT! I love them.

    This is my favorite part:

    I could tell he was surprised that I made a decision before sunset.


    That’s exactly what my husband would think too!!! 🙂

    LOVE your blog. I’m subbing to it right now!!!

  2. Jennifer says:

    That’s cute! I’m dreading the mini-van. But I know it’s probably gonna happen. Just don’t tell my hubby I’ve actually this close to caving in!

  3. Scott says:

    We are EXACTLY at this point now. We thought we wanted red, but that new red looks purple and we said no on Sat. Now the Pilot we want is in short supply and the year is running out!

    There is a black one, but I can’t do it. Black is notorious for being hard to keep clean and showing scratches. How is yours working out?

  4. Kelly Wade says:

    Too funny! Love how your husband responded with pirate banter right back. You can never go wrong with black! Especially when you have a clever saying already thought up for getting into the car!

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