Random Thoughts about Green Things and Other Gross Stuff

Little Lion Man’s green snot situation is still sticking around. Poor little dude can’t shake whatever he’s got and then this morning it escalated into a hacking cough.  I debated calling the doctor, but since I had to run some errands, I thought I’d call the doctor on the way.  No appointments were available until the afternoon, so against my better judgment, I decided to stop by Target while I was out.

Once in Target, Little Lion Man’s hacking developed into a projectile vomit situation and he puked three times in his stroller.  I made a mad dash to the cart wipes area to clean the mess.  As I attempted to clean up his entire stomach contents, Little Lion Man notices the bananas nearby.  “Mama, nanas.”

Yes, there are bananas over there.

“Mama, nanas, please.”

“Seriously, dude. You just puked all over yourself.  Now you want a banana?”  He replied with a huge grin across his face.

Wondering if this is a good idea, I reviewed the BRAT diet in my head.  “Bananas are good for upset tummies and we really do need diapers.  And Allana needs a science board and cough drops.  Right then!”

As I ran off to finish my shopping, I hoped no one would sniff him or the stroller while we shopped.

On my way to the infant aisle, I spotted some fun skinny jeans.   Before you judge, the women’s section is right next to the baby stuff and I didn’t try them on! I swear!  I just looked.

Mossimo Supply Co. Juniors Skinny Denim - Assorted Colors.Opens in a new windowMossimo Supply Co. Juniors Skinny Denim - Assorted Colors.Opens in a new windowVanilla Star Juniors Leopard Print Skinny Denim - Assorted Colors.Opens in a new windowVanilla Star Juniors Leopard Print Skinny Denim - Assorted Colors.Opens in a new window

Anyway, I love the animal prints and the variety of bright colors for spring.   Thank goodness I didn’t spot anything sparkly.  Poor Little Lion Man would have really suffered.

Later at the doctor’s office, I learned Little Lion Man has a nasty respiratory infection and some fluid in his ears.  Poor little guy!

Although Little Lion Man is my latest patient, it’s been like revolving door of a hospital ward in this house.  Someone has had some infliction or illness for the past month.  It’s crazy which also makes me crazy because it’s difficult to squeeze in my running when I’m playing nursemaid.

However, last Saturday, I ran in the Armadillo 10K (full recap to follow shortly).  Then, I ran 3 miles on Monday, but I forgot to charge my Garmin, so no stats.  This morning, I did some speedwork.  Nothing fancy, just 1 mile warm-up followed by 4 quarter sprints and a mile for a cool down.

1 mile

Time 9:46


Lap 1 – 0.25

Time 1:44

Ave Pace 6:53


Lap 2 – 0.25

Time 1:48:65

Ave Pace7:18


Lap 3 – 0.25

Time 1:48:22

Ave Pace 7:12


Lap 4 – 0.25

Time 1:50

Ave Pace 7:29


1.1 mile

Time 10:39

Ave Pace 9:43

My girls and I have the Spring Sprint 5K this Saturday.  I’m excited to run our first 2012 race together and of course, we’ll all be wearing green for St. Patrick’s Day.  Hopefully, Little Lion Man’s snot situation won’t coordinate with his shirt by then. That’s an accessory I can do without.

*Proudly submitted to Stacy Uncorked, because when I blog about my training, it’s usually pretty random.*


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    • Run DMT says:

      Same here! Curse you, Target and your marketing strategies aimed at women! lol

      As for my speed work, I mapped quarter mile stretches around the street. Basically, I run a quarter mile rest with a quick walk and take off for the the quarter mile. It’s one big mile loop around the block. It works for these exercises. I just have to really pay attention and watch for cars. See if you can set something up like that around your neighborhood or even a paved trail at a park would work. Hope that helps!

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