Random Tuesday Thoughts about Many Muggy Miles

Only two days left in May which means the Joggermom Marathon and the Run DMT Superhero Challenge are coming to an end.  Once I added up my miles for the Joggermom Marathon, I realized I actually went over by 2.6 miles.  How funny! Here, I thought with my nasty chest cold I wouldn’t finish in time and I went over.

Now that I finished the Joggermom Marathon, I need to submit my miles and I also need to think about a funny photo to submit.  In order to be eligible for a prize, the photo needs to be original. Last year, winner was a runner collapsed on a treadmill.  Any suggestions for a photo idea for me?

*Image borrowed from Joggermom*

Speaking of funny photos, I ran 4 muggy miles with the Suncoast Striders for the annual Celebrate America Run on Memorial Day. I don’t run with the Striders as often as I like but this run was definitely a fun run because I ran with my friends, Chrissy and Maribel.  We found humor in the humidity thanks to the red, white and blue pinwheels headband I wore.  Every time the wind caught the pinwheels, I sounded like I was going to take flight.  Pppffffftttt!  

4 miles

Time 43:24

Ave Pace 10:51

Max Pace 7:06

This week has been a Strider filled because I also ran 6.5 miles with the Striders on Saturday.  It was my friend, Stacey’s first time joining the Striders at Starkey Park so I paced with her on the trail.

6.5 miles

Time 1:16

Ave Pace 11:44

Max Pace 8:19

Next month, I’ll be pacing along in the Juneathon again.  For the Juneathon, each participant has to run or do some form Juneathon dude logoof exercise every day and blog about it within 24 hours.  Easy peasy, right? We’ll see.  Every June I participate and I always fail.  It’s not the exercising every day, but the blogging every day that’s difficult for me.  In the past, I would get behind in the blogging and end up posting 3 days at once.  Oh well.  Maybe this time will be different. Wish me luck!  There’s still plenty of time to join the Juneathon if you’re interested.  Maybe we can fail together inspire each other to succeed.

The start of June also brings another Run DMT fitness challenge.  This summer, I want to bring sexy legs and six pack abs to the beach.  Therefore for June, we’ll be squatting through summer.  For this challenge, we’re following the 200 squats program (by the founder of the 100 push ups).  On the rest days we’ll do, abs.  The sexy legs summer challenge kicks off this Friday, June 1, so stay tuned.

And now for the Track Tuesday stuff!  Tropical Storm Beryl has been making things pretty unbearable around here.  The humidity has been just awful, but this morning the humidity and wind did a number on me.  By looking at my times, you can tell which sprints were running into the wind.  Thankfully, I pushed through the humidity and the wind because as soon as I finished the storm arrived.

Lap 1 – 1 mile

Time 10:02


Lap 2 – 0.25 mile

Time 1:53

Pace 7:27


Lap 3 – 0.24 mile

Time 1:54

Pace 7:53


Lap 4 – 0.25

Time 1:55

Pace 7:44


Lap 5 – 0.25

Time 1:55

Pace 7:42


Lap 6 – 1.1 mile

Time 11:14

Ave Pace 10:11


How were your sprints this week? Do you let the weather ruin your running plans?

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    I’m in for the Juneathon! Every year I slack off once it starts to heat up so this is a perfect way to stay on it. I’m going to shoot for at least 20 mins a day – we can do this!!!

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