Juneathon 2012 – Day 2

Juneathon dude logoI’ve seen my running group, the Suncoast Striders, more this week than probably over the past year.  I ran with them last Saturday, again on Memorial Day and then joined the group for our Ladies Night Out on Wednesday evening, which was a fabulous meal at Zen Forrest, but more about that in another post.

Today, I joined the Striders once more for another Saturday run and it was a gorgeous morning on the Starkey Park bike trail.  We had a drier, less muggy morning, although the heat came on fast.  I was glad to only be running 6 miles.

6 miles

Time 1:00

Ave Pace 10:08

Max Pace 7:22

My friends have been giving me a hard time about not running with them on the trail, but I prefer running in my neighborhood.  I have some strange satisfaction of just getting up and going.  I just pop out my front door and I’m on my way.  If I run with the Striders, I have to get in my car (or hop in a friend’s car), drive to the trail, run for an hour, and then hang around and talk to everyone.  It becomes a three hour tour for a 6 mile run.  If I run in my hood, I can be done in hour and back home.

So, am I being antisocial or practical if I choose to run in my neighborhood?

Denise Mestanza-Taylor+


    • Run DMT says:

      LOL Well, that’s two votes for anti-social. (David voted via FB.) That reminds me of Where the Wild Things Are. “We’ll eat you up! We love you so!”

  1. mercadeo en linea says:

    Today I was supposed to do 3 miles, but ended up doing 5.12. I felt good the whole time and got into a really good running groove. I kept picturing my half and when I was coming towards the end I really gave a push and finished strong.

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