Random Tuesday Thoughts about My Juneathon Randomness and Track Tuesday

Juneathon dude logoWe’re over half-way through June, which means we’re over half-way through the #sexylegs challenge and the Juneathon.  I’ve been keeping up with both challenges, at least the exercise portion of both challenges.  The blogging part is another story.  But today, I’ll be all caught up with my Juneathon recaps.

I last blogged about my Juneathon attempts nearly a week ago and last Wednesday was a pretty lame attempt, but it was still something.  As I hoped, Thursday was definitely a better tomorrow.


4 miles

Time 39:53

Ave Pace 9:59

Max Pace 7:27

Then Friday was a no-go.  I thought I had a blood draw scheduled, which meant fasting and no exercise beforehand, but the appointment was scheduled the following Friday and it wasn’t blood draw at all.  It was a follow-up physical.  Great.  Since I had somewhere to be shortly after that, I couldn’t work-out and hoped I could fit in later.

You see this somewhere was pretty important.  The girls and I simply had to tour the Yuengling Brewery with our friends.  Yes, free beer took precedence over my working out.  Ain’t I such a good role model for my children?

On Saturday, it was back to my Juneathon running routine, but Sunday was forced rest again for Father’s Day.  Don’t you love how I blame my rest day on Father’s Day?


6.20 miles

Time 1:02:07

Ave Pace 10:02

Max Pace 7:25

Monday, it was back to bricks with a run/swim brick.  I ran to my pool, arrived there right at 7:00 a.m. and I had the whole pool to myself.  It was lovely.  Since I’m so insecure about my swimming style technique strokes sloppiness, I don’t want anyone looking at me, especially in my dorky 15 year old one-piece swimsuit.  No joke.  My swimsuit is seriously that old.  At least it still fits, right?  Good Lord.  Where is that Athleta campaign I was hoping for?  Mama needs a new tri-suit a new bikini several new swimsuits.

I swam 200 yards in 8 minutes and I was going to attempt 4 more laps but my goggles broke.  Thank goodness it was my goggles that snapped and not my swimsuit.  I wrapped up my swim just as the guy who usually swims alongside me entered the pool.  Do you think he feels the same about sharing the pool as I do?  Perhaps, but it may have something to do with my ancient swimsuit and not my swimming technique.


3.1 miles

Time  28:41

Ave Pace 9:16

Max Pace 7:23


Lap 1 – 1.37 (Distance to pool)

Time 12:30

Ave Pace 9:08

Max Pace 7:23


Lap 2 – 1.73 (Distance home)

Time 16:10

Ave Pace 9:22

Max Pace 7:42

Image borrowed from Flickr

While running back home, I passed a squirrel.  Now typically when I run past squirrels, they take off as fast as their little legs can carry them.  But not this fella.  Nope, he just stood there still as a statue, like he was pretending to be a garden ornament.  Our eyes locked.  I could see the fear in his little beady black eyes and it was like I could read his mind.  “I’m just a fake squirrel.  Pay no mind, Miss.  Move along.  There’s nothing to see here but us garden ornaments in front of your clubhouse.  Look there’s a egret.”

A few seconds later, he cracked under the pressure of me staring at him and he took off.  Stupid squirrel statue.  I wouldn’t have bothered him.  After all, aren’t we all just squirrels, trying to get a nut to move our butts?

Speaking of moving my butt, today was Track Tuesday and it was the best one yet.  I rocked those sprints.  Check it out.

1 mile warm-up

Time 9:37


Lap 1 – 0.25

Time 1:40

Pace 6:43 <—-BOOYAH!  That’s what I’m talking about!!!


Lap 2 – 0.25

Time 1:48

Pace 7:12  <—Awwwww yeaaahh!  I brought it again!


Lap 3 – 0.25

Time 1:50

Pace 7:11


Lap 4 – 0.25

Time 1:53

Pace 7:29


1.10 mile cool down

Time 10:43

Pace 9:43

I love that my sprints were so close to 7:00 minutes.  The weather was cooler, less humid this morning which may have contributed to my sprint performance improving.

How was your sprint performance?  Are you showing steady improvement? 

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    • Run DMT says:

      LOL Girl, you will always be my hero. You make wine. It’s the fruit of the gods. See, that makes you god-like. And as for the squirrel, these are the things I say in my head to make my run more interesting. I actually read that part out loud to my daughter, Allana, because I thought it was so funny and I knew she would love it too. And she loved it. 🙂

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