O Story Story Reading Apps

Thankfully, I am blessed with three children who enjoy reading.  My oldest daughter (age 10) has spent the summer exploring classics, such as The Hobbit.  My middle child (age 6) prefers books about Disney Princesses and Rainbow Fairies.  My two year old son loves books about cars, trucks and anything else with wheels and he will often make sound effects as he reads.

So, when I was asked to review Parenting’s O Story educational mobile apps for the iPad, I knew they would be a hit with my two youngest children.   The hands-on fun of Parenting’s O Story educational mobile apps provide engaging ways to reinforce reading skills.

The “Read to me” feature within each program helps build confidence in readers and success by offering an opportunity to hear the story before attempting the story independently.

Though the interactive feature can be deactivated, when left on, it builds sight word recognition.  A light tap on the small hearts scattered throughout the screen prompts the narrator to call out the names of objects and characters in the story.  An electronic flash cards appears as the word is said.

The O Story app also includes critical thinking games, such as puzzles and matching games with each story.  My six year modeled her gaming technique for little brother and then he was ready to give the games a try too.

The O Story educational apps also offer spelling lessons, such as Max Moo: The Case of things to Spell or Wendy’s Spelling.  Since my six year old struggles with blends, but the spelling game turns phonics into hands-on fun.

Emmalynn loved Wendy’s Giant List, an interactive story about a little girl who finds fun things to do instead of taking her nap.

Both children giggled while reading When Things Go Wrong with Robots, but the funny little robot with wheels delighted Liam as he watched it scoot around the screen.

The robot puzzle game at the end of the story offered the opportunity for my kids to share and play side by side.  Observing our little big sister helping her baby brother with the difficult pieces brought a smile to my face.

Though I had some reservations about sharing my iPad with my children, watching my two youngest children sharing and enjoying the O Story apps together warmed my heart.

I am truly thankful for reading apps like Parenting’s O Story that foster my kids love for reading.

*Disclaimer: I received Parenting’s O Story apps for my iPad in exchange for my review. I received no compensation and the opinions are my own.*

Denise Mestanza-Taylor+