Random Tuesday Thoughts about Glue, Glutes and Track Tuesday

There’s only one month left of summer vacation and that makes me sad.  Where did the summer go?  We’re leaving for our NYC road trip next weekend for two weeks which will only leave two weeks left of summer vacation when we return home and those days will be filled with back to school shopping.  Bleh.

Sometimes I think I spend more money on back to school items than Christmas presents.  Between uniforms, backpacks and classroom supplies, I feel like I spend a fortune.  I’m pretty good at watching the sales, comparison shopping, clipping coupons and price matching and I love that Target will match any ad, which saves me from running all over town, but I still seem to spend a ridiculous amount of money on back to school stuff.

Well, that ain’t happening this time because I’m putting an end to it all this school year and I’m only buying the staples, so to speak.  I am not buying Ziploc bags, Clorox wipes, tissues or paper towels.  The teachers are only getting markers, crayons, glue, filler paper, notebooks and pencils from my kids. Maybe I’ll toss in some baby wipes for good measure.

I love when I share my training schedule and then something screws up my training so I look like such a slacker.  I knew the training schedule I shared last week looked intense, but somehow I just knew something would get in the way and I would be forced to miss a day or two.  That something would be the rain, which caused me miss to two days of training last week.

It’s been raining a lot here.  Our road trip to NYC may become a cruise if this rain keeps up.  We should start building the ark now.

Have you heard the news? I rode my bike.  Read yesterday’s Music Monday post for all the details and have a tissue nearby.  It’s an emotional journey.  I’ll wait for you while you read my cycling triumph and I’ll share my biking stats in the meantime.

10.36 miles

Time 45:59

Ave Speed 13.5

Speaking of last Friday’s bike ride, my muscles are still sore from it.  I feel it in my glutes mostly, but it’s a good pain. I plan to ride 10 miles again tomorrow, so my ass better get used to it.  I’d like to run 3 miles too, but we’ll see.

As for the rest of my training, I ran 3.1 miles on Saturday because that’s all I had time for with Emmlaynn’s birthday party that morning.  Sunday, Maribel and I ran easy 6 miles and swam 16 laps in about 15 minutes.


3.1 miles

Time 30:28

Ave Pace 9:50

Max Pace 7:40


6 miles

Time 1:15:57

Ave Pace 12:14

Max Pace 9:02

Today was Track Tuesday. The humidity is making it really difficult to push out those sprints. Honestly, I’m not expecting much improvement with my sprints until the weather cools down.

1 miles

Time 9:53


Lap 1 – 0.25

Time 1:51

Ave Pace 7:19


Lap 2 – 0.25

Time 1:52

Ave Pace 7:22


Lap 3 – 0.25

Time 1:49

Ave Pace 7:26

Lap 4 – 0.25

Time 1:50

Ave Pace 7:22


1.1 miles

Time 10:23

Ave Pace 9:28

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  1. jaml905 says:

    I agree with the humidity affecting the track training. It’s a factor for me too. =( thanks for sharing your workout. It’s fun to see bloggers who share same interest as me.

  2. Travel Spot says:

    I like that you posted your workout. I think it helps to see what other people do for training and for yourself, it is a great way to (a) keep a record and (b) keep yourself accountable! I hope that the rain holds off so you can have a dry trip to NY!

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