Comeback Kid

Guess what I did on Friday morning?

I rode my bike.

Now, that may not seem like a big deal to some, but when you crash your bike to avoid being hit by a car and crack ribs in the process, you may develop a slight fear of riding bikes.

At least, that’s what happened to me.  It’s been three years since I’ve rode bike.

Four years ago, I participant in several sprint triathlons and three years ago, I set out to do the same but a collision caused me to ride my bike with my rib cage.  As a result, my ribs took four weeks to heal and I missed out on all the sprint triathlons that summer.

Then, I got pregnant with my third child, who was born the following year and I was nowhere near ready to even try tri training again.

Last year, I wanted to try tri training again, but I just couldn’t overcome my bike phobia and my fear of crashing again.

This year would be the year!  Before I even began training, I registered for one sprint triathlon, the Chaotic Coteeman.  Once I registered, it would force me back on the bike.

But I was afraid to ride alone.

My friends, Chrissy and Maribel, promised they would ride with me, however, afternoon showers kept spoiling on our training plans.  We would need to move our rides to the morning, but schedules became difficult to coordinate.

I would have to face this fear alone.  After all, the triathlon is a month away.

So, last Friday, I rode my bike by myself for 10 miles. I didn’t ride too fast.  I stayed on the main roads in my neighborhood and avoided all the smaller divisions with blind driveways.

With no music, I listened for cars, focused on my pedaling, my balance and staying upright on the bike.  Once back home, I came to a complete stop before dismounting and remarkably, I didn’t fall off.

My eyes welled up with tears for my big accomplishment.  This was a huge moment for me.

Looks like I’m the comeback kid.


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  1. Rorybore says:

    Good for you! I rode a bike this spring for the first time in years. no phobias or anything….I just didn’t have a bike. But I could barely sit for a couple of days — can they do something about those seats. agh. nice song choice!

  2. Xmasdolly says:

    I could have sworn I left a comment. Oh well here’s another if I did. Totally cool song. He reminds me a little bit of train don’t ya think? Don’t forget to enter our give-aways only one more week it’s the 99th wk & after that 100 wks and we pick all five winners! WOO HOO Have a great day.

  3. JamericanSpice says:

    Gosh I’m so proud of you!
    I kinda know the feeling of fear to get on the bike. A traumatic experience kept me from learning to ride my whole life.

    So happy for you girl!
    Great song too!

  4. Cathy Kennedy says:

    I can understand your apprehensions and fears. I recall after our DS was born I decided to ride my bike around Cades Cove in the Smoky’s. This was really a bad idea because I was too heavy which threw my balance off big time. I nearly ran head on into a tree at the bottom of a hill and then while going up a very steep hill, I wrecked tearing a nasty gash in my shin – not fun! After that I was a bit scared to try it again until after I got all of my post pregnancy weight off again. I take my hat off to you, lady! I know what a big deal this is for you. Whoo-hoo, you so rock!!!

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