Music Monday: It Feels Like Christmas

Even before the calendar flipped to December, my family and I were already all sparklejollytwinklejingley for Christmas during Thanksgiving.  Thanks to the Straz Center, my family and I experienced the joy and magic of Christmas a little early with the help of our favorite elf and star of Elf The Musical, Buddy.


And speaking of elves, a funny little Elf on the Shelf found a home in our tree on the first day of December.

I know what you’re thinking. I swore I would never buy one because I said these elves symbolize everything that is wrong with Christmas, not to mention how incredible creepy, clown-like, Chuckie-wannabe these elves are.   Therefore, this holiday I’ll be eating humble pie instead of Christmas pie which is best served cold because this little North Pole transplant likes the cold.  Don’t judge me because there will be more photos like these.

Giggles went for a joyride.

The next he snapped some photos of the tree.

On Friday evening, we visited Christmas Town more than once.  My family and I once again experienced the wonder of Christmas with the help of Busch Garden’s Christmas Town.  The wondrous icy sensation of Snow World melted our hearts, but the truly heart-stopping, good cheer happened for me at Cheetah Hunt.  Nothing beats humming and singing a happy Christmas tune just before you’re catapulted into the atmosphere at high speed.

Santa baby, slip a sable under the tree, for me
I’ve been an awful good girl
Santa baby, and hurry down the chimney to…..NIGHAAAAAAAAAA!  OH MY GOD!


However, while stopping Snow World at Busch Garden’s Christmas Town, we witnessed a travesty.  As my girls and I waited patiently in line to play in the snow, we watched two pre-teen boys beat the living ice cubes out of Frosty the Snowman.  The bad boys ripped off Frosty’s broomstick arms and beat him repeatedly until his head broke off.  As Frosty’s poor decapitated head lay helplessly on the ground, his attackers ripped off his carrot nose and violently stabbed him in the neck with his own nose.

I couldn’t believe the horrible scene unfolding in front of us.  “For love of God!  Stop beating Frosty!  All he ever wanted to do was wish everyone a ‘Happy Birthday’.”  Then, my girls chimed in to shout at the cruel children.  “Leave Frosty alone!”

Good Lord.  I can never look at a snowman the same way.  It will take years to heal from this and just when I finally could look at clowns and dolls without cringing.  And while we’re compiling a list of creepy creature, add living statue angels to the list.


Then, my girls and I enjoyed one more Christmas moment when we visited the Tampa Theater for The Muppet Christmas Carol.  I had never seen the movie before so the film was a first for all of us.  Michael Caine played the perfect Scrooge.


Stay tuned for more posts to follow about each of these wonderful Christmas events!

Does it feels like Christmas or does the thought of Christmas having you cringing?  Are you in the Christmas mood yet or are you a Scrooge? 

What Christmas music is moving you this season?

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Denise Mestanza-Taylor+


  1. Stacy Uncorked says:

    Some kids beat up Frosty? How cruel! Love that you and your girls admonished those meanies, though. 🙂 Love all your song choices – and man you keep even busier than me, don’t you? 😉 I need to pull the Christmas decor out of the shed this afternoon – that way I’ll surprise Princess Nagger with the tree decorating fun after she gets home from school. 😉

    there’s Something About December – it’s My Favourite Time of Year, so Let’s Shake Up Christmas for A Holly Jolly Christmas

  2. Misterbump says:

    Well I certainly sung along to those tunes. Need a lozzenger for my throat LOL. Have a great Music Monday x

  3. Cathy Kennedy says:

    Christmas has become the mean season for some. Yikes. good golly and hooray for your girls scolding the bad boys who hurt poor Frosty. Thanks for joining us on Monday’s Music Moves Me! =D

  4. Jenna says:

    Looks like you’ve really been having a blast! I love elf on a shelf!! My kids that I nanny for have one and absolutely love it!! Have a great Monday! Spa <3

  5. Lucy says:

    Looks like you are having a wonderful time minus the viewing of Frosty being assaulted, goodness,now that is sad. Loved your picks and all these great Christmas tunes are definitely getting me in the mood 🙂

  6. Kelly@ShapeDaily says:

    Wow, taking advantage of all of the Christmas stuff happening in Tampa! I live here too, originally from Boston, and its definitely hard to get into the spirit when its 75 and sunny out (not complaining!). I can’t believe about the kids beating up Frosty, how terrible! Wasn’t there a park attendant around somewhere that could have stopped that, or their parents?

  7. xmasdolly says:

    Here you out for a wonderful time & you & your girls had to see that. That’s terrible. That could be traumatizing to a kid for pity sakes. I hope you all are okay now. Frosty is still bumpty bump bump over the hills of snow I promise!! Great choices – thanks for helping bring in the holiday with us.

  8. Crystal H says:

    I don’t know how we missed the Dr. Who Weeping Angels…..errr… statues. Those things so creep me out. I guess I was distracted by the blue shooting lights and Cheetah Hunt which I will never be able to ride. We definitely walked right past there though. Thanks for the awesome hook-up! : )

  9. Rachel B @ Busy Mama Fitness says:

    Oh man, those ‘living statues’ creep me out too. Eesh. I kind of like some of the kitschy Christmas stuff, like the elf on the shelf. My son’s too young to really get a kick out of it yet but he’s waiting in his packaging for next year!

  10. LizForADay says:

    I love Christmas music, all kinds. It never really feels like Christmas here, but it is what it is. I definitely have to live vicariously through the blogs that I read. I also love the muppets and have the movie on my computer. I’m a big kid at heart. 🙂

  11. jcrosskey says:

    Great meeting you today Denise! You’re the second person today that has made me really want to go to Christmastown (Frosty beatdown aside). I’m usually pretty bah humbug when it comes to the season, but since having our little girl I’m slowly getting into the spirit. She’s almost three so this is the first Christmas that she has a solid concept for it. Our Christmas tree lighting the other night was awesome!

  12. Danielle @ Royalegacy Reviews & More says:

    I don’t get the elf thing. I must be missing something. Sorry to be late on the 4ms, but it’s finals next week, and my two college kids need to do so many papers. Great songs!

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