Going the Distance for Hall of {Marathon Maniacs} Fame

When you spend long hours together for eighteen Saturdays in a row, you learn a lot about your running partners; probably more than you care to know.  (I’ll leave you to speculate on that.)  In attempt to keep it classy, these are some of the valuable lessons I learned from my small running group.

Marie shared how to make a marriage last for over 26 years.

Larisa gave me the gift of regular ol’ gummy bears, which make FABULOUS running fuel.

Chrissy taught me how to find balance and to stay strong.

Maribel showed me how to find laughter in even the most mundane things, although that’s not really a stretch for me.  Actually, I learned that there IS someone out there with the same sense of humor as me.

Daffodil taught me how to see the positive side to everything.  Daffodil radiates beauty, much like her flower namesake.  She demonstrated to us how to be better people and even better athletes.

Not only did Daffodil order our Sandy Hook bibs, but she went another step farther by making 26 hearts for each of Sand Hook victims and dropped one at each mile marker in the Disney Marathon.  She shared that journey with a video of those “26.2 Magical Miles for 26 Courageous Lives” and I would love to share her creation with you.


The song is Hall of Fame by The Script.  When we heard this song at the mile 7 water station, we knew Daffodil was sending her beautiful, positive energy our way.

And speaking of champions and everyone knowing your name, my friend Marcia scored second place female in the Clearwater Marathon with a finish time of 3:19:56.  On Friday evening before the race, this top-notch athlete offered some hydrating and fueling advice and gave us a musically inspired pep-talk with some Cake.

Yes, Larisa, Marie, Chrissy and I went the distance.  Although Chrissy and Marie PR’d, I wasn’t necessarily going for speed and a few times, I was alone, alone in my time of need, but I crossed the finish line with my running group by my side and by completing two marathons within 7 days, we earned a spot in the Marathon Maniacs.

Throughout this Marathon Maniac journey, these ladies taught me that anything is possible when you surround yourself with crazy, beautiful, funny, strong, life-loving women.

Stay tuned for a full race recap!  In the meantime, link up and share the music that moves you.  What tunes help you go the distance?

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  1. Xmasdolly says:

    Girlfriend I’m proud to know you! Look at your accomplishments & with friends is even cooler. Way ta go! I wish I was there cheerin’ you on. Great pics & your first video… what can I say. Amazing! I totally agree with Stacy in the way I felt watching it. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Cathy Kennedy says:

    What a beautiful memorial to the fallen in the Sandy Hook masacre! It really touched my heart in a big way. Miss Daffodil did an amazing job on the video. Thanks so much for sharing it with us on Monday’s Music Moves Me, Denise. You & your running group are incredible!

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