Writer’s Workshop: What Made Me Laugh This Week

Mama's Losin' ItWhen I wrote my Clearwater Marathon Recap, I had originally omitted this section of the story.  It was a funny little anecdote, but not essential to the retelling of the events that helped me make it to the finish line.

Once I read Mama Kat’s prompts for this week’s Writer’s Workshop, I took the opportunity to share this little gem.

5.) What made you laugh this week?

During last Sunday’s Clearwater Marathon, a fellow lady marathoner continued to drop a clip-on pouch throughout the course.  Along the way, random runners would pick it up and return it to her.  When my running partners (Larisa, Chrissy, Marie) and I ran past it once more, I volunteered to be the one to return it to her this time.   After all, I was just trying to do good in the ‘hood and put good runner karma out there in the universe, ya know.  I clipped the pouch to my fuel belt and proceeded to carry it for about 15 miles throughout the race, but we never crossed paths again.

Once I crossed the finish line, received my medal, hugged my friends, cried and collected my thoughts, they noticed I still had the pouch clipped to my fuel belt.  I scanned the post-race party to find the random runner missing her compact running pouch.  Then, a cloud of guilt loomed over me during the post-race celebration moment.  Sadly, I never found her.  I would never be the hero heroine that saved the marathon by reuniting a fellow runner with her lost item.

I felt terrible that I never saw her again to return the pouch to her.  Later that evening at home, I decided to find out what was in this woman’s pouch.  What precious cargo did I carry for another runner?  Lip balm?  A driver’s license?  Money? As I unzipped the little black pouch and peeked at its contents, I begin to laugh hysterically.

I carried FOUR TAMPONS for a total stranger.

On the upside, all four of us would have been protected had Aunt Flo arrived on the scene. That’s me.  I’m ALWAYS trying to find the positive side to feminine products.



    • Denise says:

      LOL Runners are such charitable creatures to begin with, but this demonstrates the lengths we go to when asked to pay it forward. 😉

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