Music Monday: It’s a Pirate’s Life for Me

Yesterday, I ran in the Gasparilla Half Marathon yesterday.  I love Gasparilla Distance Classic weekend, but yesterday was not my best race.  Not only was the weather super hot and humid for February, but I woke up with a crazy pounding headache that morning.  Neither element makes for ideal race conditions, but I pushed along and made it through the pirate theme-raced for the ultimate racing treasure!  The medal The bling The booty!  Argggggh!

Yep, I shook off that headache like a pirate and grabbed that booty.

**Warning: Video contains mature content and not appropriate for young audiences, but it is DANG funny.**

I’ll have a full race report a little later this week, but for now, I’m focusing on a pirate themed Music Monday to celebrate Gasparilla.  Not only is Gasparilla one of my favorite races, this pirate themed festival is my favorite time of year.  So since Tampa is under siege for a two month long pirate festival,  only pirate themed music would only do, me hearties.  After all, I be pirate at forty over forty at forty two.

I love pirates.  After all, my former vehicle vessel was The Black Pearl and now I navigate The Jolly Blogger through Tampa.


Like a good captian, I’ve passed along my pirate obsession to my children sprogs.  Little Lion Man and I are huge fans of the Never Land Pirate Band featuring Sharkey and Bones that sing on the Disney Junior’s Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

Did you know that Sharkey and Bones once performed in a band called Captain Bogg and Salty?

I know. I know way too much about children’s music and I need a life, but you know what?  It be a pirate life for me!  Arggggggh!

Yo ho! Yo ho!  It’s a pirate’s life for me!

What music has you moving this week?

For Music Mondays, I’m teaming up with my good friend and fellow Marathon Mama,Chrissy.

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  1. Cathy Kennedy says:

    You ran a race with a headache, eh? Well, if it were me then I would have pulled the covers over my head and nursed my throbbing head. You have spunk, girlfriend. Cool theme for a musical start this week. Hope to see on the dance floor with the 4M crew when you’re up to it. =D

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