PediaONE Review and Giveaway

*Disclaimer: I received a sample pack of PediaOne in exchange for my honest product review.*

My kids have been sick a ridiculous amount of days this year, especially my three year old son.  Although he spiked some pretty high fevers, he refused to take any medicine to help reduce the fever.  Admittedly, I gave him a lot of cold Gatorade to mask the fever-reducing medicine and help rehydrate his poor little sickly soul.  Knowing it wasn’t the healthy drink to offer, I regretted giving him the sports drinks, but I was at a loss as how to reduce his fever.

Well, when you know better, you do better and now I know to offer him PediaONE the next time he is sick.  With no artificial colors or flavors, PediaONE is an all-natural oral rehydration solution specially formulated to effectively replace fluid, vitamins and minerals lost due to sickness or physical activity.

The next time my children are sick the delicious taste of PediaONE will provide them with the essential minerals and nutrients needed without excessive sugar and without compromising flavor.  PediaONE also contains non-GMO ingredients and as an added perk, PediaONE is packaged in BPA-free bottles.

Since PediaONE is packed with vitamins and minerals but with a lower sugar content and fewer calories than the most sports drink as its sweetened with Stevia, I decided to give the PediaONE Mixed Berry a try after a 6 mile summer run.  I was surprised by the sweetness as the chilled PediaONE Mixed Berry tasted like a cherry popsicle, which was quite refreshing after a long run under the hot sun.

With only 24 calories per 8 FL oz, PediaONE solutions make perfect sense to add to my running recovery routine rather than my usual O.N.E Pineapple Coconut Water, which contains about 80 calories per 8 oz.  Plus, the PediaONE Powdered Packs are portable and easy to carry with me to the gym or to my next race.

I realize the dangers of sugary drinks and their links to obesity.  With its all-natural oral rehydration solution, PediaONE, my kids and I can replace our bad sugar sickly sports drinks habits with a replenishing healthy solution.

If you would like to sample PediaONE and see if it passes a taste test with your or your kids, enter my giveaway below.  One winner will win a four 8oz 4-Packs of PediaONE.  Contest ends Monday, July 7 11:59 EST.

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