Emmalynn’s Sweet & Sassy Birthday

For her birthday, Emmalynn requested a pampering day at Sweet & Sassy.  Since Emmalynn desperately needed a haircut, I arranged for a SpaGirl Style-Out package, which included a mini-mani, mini-pedi and a hair cut.

Upon arrival, our birthday princess was greeted with cheery, sparkly smiles and Joanna (our Sweet & Sassy Stylist) directed Emmalynn to pick a color for her mini-mani and mini-pedi.  Of course, Emmalynn picked purple, her favorite color and a sparkle top-coat

Joanna led Emmalynn over to the foot tub to begin her pedicure.  As her toes soaked in the bubbles, she smiled from ear to ear with excitement.

After a quick soak and massage, her toes were painted a lovely deep purple with a delicate white flower as a finishing touch.

Then, Joanna led Emmalynn over to the manicure station and painted her fingers to match her toes.

While her purple fingers and toes dried, Joanna shampooed and conditioned Emmalynn’s hair in the salon sink.  As she giggled about the yummy cupcake smell and the water tickling her, I couldn’t recall Emmalynn ever having her hair shampooed in a salon prior to this.

Then, Joanna led Emmalynn to a salon chair to begin her hair transformation.  Emmalynn wanted her hair to touch shoulders.  Joanna gently combed Emmalynn’s hair and verified the length before she began to trim her hair.

With the first snip, Emmalynn smiled over the new length.  For added fullness, Joanna also added some layers to the trim.

Joanna scrunched and played with Emmalynn’s hair before she began to blow-dry it.  Emmalynn loved the new length and the attention.

With a flower and a bit of glitter spray, Emmalynn was nearly finished.  Now, she only needed the trademark facial glitter stamp for the final touches and a gourmet lollipop, of course.

Fulfilling Emmalynn’s birthday wish at Sweet & Sassy made me smile almost as much as my birthday princess.


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