Aye, To Gasparilla We Go!

Our voyage to the Gasparilla Children’s Parade had been like no other, me hearties.  The frigid Florida temperatures kept many a pirate and young sprogs away.  That just meant more booty and beads for me Krewe.

We landed upon our usual Gasparilla spot, but there was no sign of Chobani Champion yogurt tubes this year.  Alas, the yogurt would have been frozen, me hearties!


Though it were a children’s parade, many strange characters roamed the land and sea.


In usual Gasparilla style, we left with quite the loot.


Arrrrrg! Because it be all about the booty, me hearties!


  1. Nichole C says:

    Hahaha, love the pirate talk, matey! Looks like a good time with kids! I’ll be venturing to the “grown up” version this weekend {and am always so surprised by the kids present at that one}.

    • Denise says:

      Wow. Really? Kids go to that parade?! That is truly amazing. We love Gasparilla! Have fun on Saturday!

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