Music Monday: Everything Is AWESOME!!!

Do you remember when I first shared earworms for Music Monday waaaaay back when? Ironically, the very first time I mentioned earworms happened during another spring break.

Funny enough, I have another spring break earworm for you from The Lego Movie sung by Tegan and Sara and featuring The Lonely Island. Get ready because the song, “Everything Is AWESOME!!!” will make your brain implode or worse, like make your Lego constructions explode!

Since we had a pretty AWESOME spring break this song perfectly sums it up for my family.

For the first Friday of spring break, we watched the ridiculously silly The Lego Movie. I loved the voice talents, the clever play on words and the references to Lego pieces and Lego characters. I thought the overall eclectic weirdness of the plot and childlike storyline was brilliant.

The first official day of spring break started a soggy with a very rainy day, but we turned it into AWESOME one with lunch Sweet Tomatoes and an afternoon at Chuck E. Cheese.

On Tuesday, we soaked up way too much sun, but thoroughly enjoyed our canoe trip with Chrissy and her family to search for shark’s teeth along the Peace River.

Peace River

Peace River

While some were panning for shark’s teeth, others were building sandcastles and fishing.

Peace River

Sadly my girls suffered serious sunburns, so we opted for a day indoors on Wednesday, however, we were ready to go again on Thursday and spent the day with friends at Busch Gardens where we encountered some lions up close…

Busch Gardens

…witnessed an elephant feeding…

…and met a dancing, singing copy-cat cockatoo named Shiloh.

Busch Gardens

On Friday, we celebrated SeaWorld‘s 50th Anniversary, where Emmalynn rode Journey to Atlantis for the first time.

SeaWorld 50th Celebration

Journey to Atlantis

Later that evening the fun continued when we ran the Electrodash 5K with a few friends.  All the girls glowed with excitement.

Electrodash 5K

In between all of that, we had a train-filled spring break much to Little Lion Man’s delight from visiting Thomas the Tank Engine…

Day Out With Thomas

…to trainspotting during our canoe trip…

Peace River

…to the Serengeti Railway crossing our path at Busch Gardens.

Our spring break ended with some more sandcastles, a sandman and a sunset dinner at Frenchy’s on Clearwater Beach.

Florida Snowman

Clearwater Beach

It was the perfect ending to a fantastic spring break staycation. Everything is definitely AWESOME!!!


  1. christieo says:

    Yes indeed everything did look awesome! What a fun time you guys mustve had!! ps. LOVED THAT MOVIE and LOVE that song. Also yes now it is in my head. hahaha

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