Electrodash 5K {Recap}

Disclosure: Our friends, my daughter and I received Electrodash 5K entries in exchange for my honest review of our experience. The opinions shared are my own.

Electrodash GirlOne of my goals this year was to participate in as many fun runs with my kids as possible. The Electrodash 5K did more than define a fun run, it out-shined many other fun runs that we’ve experienced.

With fun runs, it’s often hard for me to let go of a particular finish time and just run for fun. With the absence of a clock, Electrodash 5K made that easy for me from the start.  I also decided to wear a rainbow neon light-up tutu to really get into the spirit of this particular fun run. The tutu paired well with my Lorna Jane tank and my new running Rynner shoes from The Walking Company.

Electrodash outfit

As Team Run DMT Neon Runnerds pulled up to the Florida State Fairgrounds, we noticed that many of the inflatables were deflated along the course which seemed odd.  As we approached the packet pick-up, we heard rumors that the fairgrounds had lost power about an hour before we arrived, but thankfully everything was back online now.

Of course, the power outage caused a delayed start, however, it offered more time for all the Electrodash participants to enjoy the neon dance party.  Honestly, no one seemed to mind the delay, expect for OCD runners like me who are used to a prompt gun start time.  Once again, it was another fun run reminder that official start times do not matter for 5Ks where the main objective is good time, not a finish time.  The overall experience is what matters most.

Once we connected all our glowing gear, we moved to the arches which represented the start line.  Electronic dancers entertained the crowd to the beat of electronic dance music which boomed through the fairgrounds.  The glowing dancers also commenced the start of the race.

Allana, her friend, Sofia, Mica and her daughter, Lily, ran ahead as Emmalynn and I just shuffled along. Emmalynn and I would run a bit and take walking breaks as needed. With all the fun neon, glowing props along the course, it seemed like we were encouraged to take lots breaks and take twice as many photographs.

Although we ran this same course last year at the Color Me Rad, the course had a very different feel in the dark. With several small potholes in the pavement, I had to be careful where my foot landed.  Thank goodness for supportive footwear!

Normally during races, I watch for friends on the course but it was hard to find familiar faces in the dark. It didn’t matter that we didn’t seen anyone including Big Sister because Emmalynn and I were enjoying ourselves immensely.

About a half mile into the race, I needed to use the restroom and Emmalynn loved teasing me about needing to take a potty break.  “Why didn’t you go before the race?”

At the halfway point, we found another DJ spinning fun electronic tunes. Lots of people stopped for a dancing interlude to enjoy this glowing Kodak moment.

Honestly, there were so many fun Kodak moments along the course from the glowing globes and jellyfish, neon dancing arches and the neon tree garden.

Even after the halfway DJ, we ran through multiple dance parties along the course.

Simultaneous dance parties were definitely the focus of the race.  With all the fun on along the course, Emmalynn and I nearly missed the finish line.  As we ran back through the arches at the start, I mistook the main stage for the finish line.  In the dark, we didn’t even realize we ran past Mica, Lily, Allana and Sofia.

After the race, we stayed for a little bit so the older girls could dance and Instagram more photos.  By 10:30, I was shattered after a long day at SeaWorld.

My girls and I definitely found the Electrodash 5K to be a glowing good time.  We’re excited to shine our way at the next fun run!


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